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New Profile Posts

  1. Jose Miguel
    Jose Miguel
    An important goal is improving day to day.
  2. kam
  3. Jthorn97
    Jthorn97 Briggsy
    Nice profile pic lol
    1. Briggsy likes this.
  4. Chiraq
    Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. -Patton
  5. Energy
    Energy Jthorn97
    No one has send me a friend request for the <rookie <leaugue even if I'm a reserve driver.
    What happens?
  6. MarcoF1FREAK
    F1 2017 Will be exiting
  7. wolbert93
    Just playing some racing games... #KeepFightingMichael
  8. Tom Bridle
    Tom Bridle
    Getting pumped for F3 on Assetto Corsa
  9. Morvic
    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
  10. Alexander Lage
  11. YoungProsser
  12. Valachi
    Valachi Jehan-Nat
    alright mate, thanks for your support, do you have the replay for this race?
  13. Rocket Pocket
  14. SavageSnailx69x
    Forza 6 - AOR - GTLM League - Season 2 is under way. Hope we have a fun season!!
  15. Valachi
    Valachi mpc-v1
    alright mate, i should have sat in garage but i was fuming! could you look at your footage for me as this kind of careless driving is not acceptable, at this speed people should not be tagging people, i would have done the lap at any other circuit and pitted, but really what is the point here, i would be getting lapped and being a liability to others.

    cheers mate
  16. alexandrucatanet
    You have my permission to lose!
  17. iJokeri22
    So this is 2017 looks the same to me.
  18. Minimariner
    If only I could have 2 more images in my signature
  19. Tigerkart_22
    "I am a completely different person to Claire Williams"- Me 2k16
  20. Guille-GTR
    Guille-GTR bor44
    Bien, me podrías explicar como apuntarme de reserva?? es que ando perdido por aquí.
    1. bor44
      Tienes k ir a la categoria k quieras i entras al main threat. Alli pones k te quieres unir como reserva i un admin del grupo se pondra en contacto contigo. Obiamente tienes k hacelo en ingles sino nadie te entendera
      Dec 28, 2016