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  1. Luke Trimm
  2. matt212
    Getting prepared for S13 F1 and trying to not suck at Pcars
  3. Ritson97
    Ritson97 FisiFan91
    Hey, I'm just wondering if there's any chance I could join one of the f1 leagues for next season on ps4
    1. FisiFan91
      Yeah of course, just keep an eye on the forums for when the sign-ups go up (sometime in the next couple of weeks most likely)
      Mar 25, 2017 at 12:15 PM
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    2. Ritson97
      Ok thanks, what are the rules with assists, is TC allowed to be on and what about the racing line?
      Mar 26, 2017 at 4:38 PM
  4. mallucm
    "I had a very big fart, and suddenly I f***ed off the road." - Petter Solberg
  5. Knopels
    Knopels Sean
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  6. mR RageR4
    mR RageR4
    trying to figure out how to sign up to and XB1 F1 Rookie League. HELP! hahah
  7. Ahmad Farah
    Ahmad Farah
    First race tonight i'm excited =))
  8. Preacher
    50 years young and big time into project cars on xbox one platform. Looking forward to getting into gt3 league
  9. Michaelx99
  10. Oguzhan
    Oguzhan Morvic
    How will i get the lobby password?
  11. StarClassic
  12. Paradyski
    Paradyski Morvic
    Gdzie mam wybrac auto do S7 ?
    1. Morvic
      Mar 19, 2017
  13. webace29
    webace29 Jason Andrew
    Hello mate. Welcome to AOR
  14. GarytheLad
  15. Jeroen de Quartel
  16. Starving
    full throttle to a hairpin around a tree
  17. FreddieH
    Slow old guy between four wheels
  18. StarClassic
    StarClassic Gonzo
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  19. Cammy Lane
    Cammy Lane FisiFan91
    Wonder if you can help me dude, I'm looking to join the league but not entirely sure how to go about doing so, I'm on PC
    1. FisiFan91
      Hey - what game are you looking to join a league on?
      Mar 15, 2017
  20. owigetime309
    I hate snowbanks...