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Apex Online Racing is - first and foremost - a community of passionate racing enthusiasts who enjoy clean, fair and competitive racing. The online leagues we organise have the main focus of providing an enjoyable racing experience for our members, ranging from professional esports drivers to hobby online racers. Our leagues span across a range of popular racing games, including F1 2018, Project CARS 2, iRacing, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, DiRT 4 and more!

Our forum is the main arena for our community to join and arrange leagues and events, and get in touch with other likeminded racers! The forums have sections for each of our supported games in which our leagues are organised, and we also offer areas where community members can join and create their own single events and social races, for the sake of practice, fun and meeting other online gamers!

Within our community many people have found friends off-track through a common passion of racing - it doesn't matter if you're a driver, commentator or spectator, there is a place for everyone. Many people have started their journey here on AOR to reach subscribers, commentating opportunities and professional esports drives. Your journey begins here!

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What is AOR?

Apex Online Racing has been around since 2010 (originally), providing action packed races and ways for amateurs to become sim racing pro's! We've helped make and run leagues for other brands, whilst running our own leagues. Today, we still run our own leagues. We still provide esports competitions and leagues for other brands. For example - F1 Esports Series League Championship, in 2017.

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