Ben Goldie

Super Moderator

Lives: United Kingdom
Age: 20
Contact: [email protected]

Forum moderator, PS4 F1 League Runner, rFactor 2 Overseer. Managing the AOR Instagram account. I first coordinated over on DiRT for the Rally League before then going on to coordinate most things on the site, half of which being things I created like the RX and rFactor sections. I never imagined when I joined that I'd be so integrated into internal operations after such a short space of time. Very greatful for every opportunity AOR has given me, hopefully many more exciting things are to come!

Online alias:

Music (FOB/The 1975), alcohol, being drunk, keeping busy, making an impact, feeling important, uni life.

Being annoyed.

Hopelessly chasing girls.

Sports enjoyed:
F1, F2, BTCC, WRC, WRCC, football.

Blackpool FC, McLaren Renault.

Joined AOR:
I signed up on the forums! First league was PS4 F1 S12. AOR has always been seen as the pinnacle and I wanted to test myself against the best to develop as a driver.

Most proud of:
It wasn't without its floors and it was a massive struggle where a lot of help was given, but it has to be setting up the AOR 24 Hours of Le Mans on rFactor 2.

Best AOR memory:
Probably my first podium in the F1 leagues. Watching the race back on Fisi's channel commentated by my mates was pretty epic.