Dan Hawkins

Founder / Director

Lives: United Kingdom
Age: 30
Contact: [email protected]

I have 4 kids and a beautiful wife. I enjoy things such as creating esports tournaments, bike riding, the gym and anything related to coding. However, it's not something I learnt at college or school. I'm self taught from most of the skills I have. Hard work and dedication will get you everywhere. Not a certificate that says you can do X, Y and Z.

I've been into racing games since the old "TOCA" game. I used to love taking a car out and causing significant damage to it - until I had the repair bill afterwards. Same for Colin Mcrae Rally games. My cousins used to come around and play them with me, until they got old and boring. My passion for racing actually died down for a few years. Until I met my wife. She told me "if you want to get along with my dad, pretend you like F1!"... That's where my love for F1 came back. I originally joined "ARL" back in 2011, just before F1 2011 launched. The community was small back then, but there were certain people there who I looked up to. I was quite a handful, but very dedicated in trying to help make ARL the place to be for racing leagues. Long story short - I got banned! A year or so out from the community and I saw ARL had closed... So I reached out to Matt Gallagher to speak to Knut and get something started together. Now we're here - in 2018, AOR is something we never thought it would be and we have an awesome team around us. Not forgetting the amazing AOR Community who support AOR day in and day out.

I take care of running the AOR business and relationships it has. Ensuring that AOR continues to grow and make new partnerships to help us excel forward. I look for new ways to engage with the sim racing/esports communities and ensure that AOR remains the "main place" for them to race in. Including exploring ways to ensure AOR can make live tournaments happen and give the AOR community the spotlight it deserves. I'm always looking for ways that we can invest the money we make, straight back into AOR to help grow the business and give everyone who has supported us, a "thank you". I handle all of our partnerships to ensure that the brands we work with will see a benefit from working with us, as we will from them too.

When I'm not doing websites/forums/esports/business - I'm always spending time with my kids and wife. There's nothing better than sitting somewhere with the family, relaxing and taking your mind off of everything. Although even when I'm doing that, somewhere in my mind I will be thinking of the next "big idea" that I can think of (alas the new AOR Website and branding).