Evan RT Imray

Super Moderator

Lives: United Kingdom
Age: 25
Contact: [email protected]

Worked his way up as a regular member to Administrator - helping to run various aspects of the community. Miraculously found the community in January 2012 and have gone from being just a league racer to a staff member. Up there with the most AOR league race starts of all time.

Online alias:

Watching loads of sport like football, motorsport (F1, BTCC) and snooker (where the 147 comes from in the username). Watching crime drama/conspiricy TV series.

F1 - Lewis Hamilton. Football - Celtic, Blackpool and Man Utd.

Joined AOR:
Dan Hawkins crashed into me in an online race on the F1 2011 game on 8th January 2012 at 3am in the morning when I was in the lead. I was angry and sent him messages. He invited me to this online racing community, I joined, and the rest is history.

Most proud of:
What I've done as a staff member especially behind the scenes stuff.

Best AOR memory:
First league race win in Season 6 of the F1 Leagues and winning F4 in Season 7a.