Lives: France
Age: 23
Contact: [email protected]


People unable to think for themselves. Grumpy guys complaining (especially when it's not even fun to read or hear). Greed.

I love music, lately I've been writing too. I appreciate many genres, ranging from jazz and funk to modern hip hop and deep house music. In my free time, you'll often find me reading, chilling with my younger brother and/or friends, learning stuff, helping people, and sometimes playing video games (I have a weak spot for epic single-player games).

Sports enjoyed:
F1, F2, IndyCar, WEC, Blancpain, GT racing, football, basketball, UFC.

I support Lewis Hamilton #TeamLH, Chelsea FC, Aston Martin Racing and more generally black or African athletes.

Joined AOR:
I found out about AOR first via kokiko22 (known as FisiFan91 or simply Fisi) and then Yorkie065's videos on Youtube. Having previously founded and raced in a French F1 2010 championship on a forum, I was naturally curious and interested in Fisi's content. It carried on for a few years until I couldn't deal with it anymore, due to the fact managing a forum from a low-end smartphone and fighting a video game-sceptic mum made things too difficult to carry on with the same passion and personal investment. So I quit CBF 360 (the French championship that eventually evolved into a small sized community) around 2012 but not empty-handed as I made precious bonds with a few people. After that, my sim racing life was limited to Youtube and a few hours here and there, nothing too serious. At some point, my interest towards GT racing in real life was increasing and that's when I stumbled upon Yorkie's videos. He was racing GT3 cars on a software I didn't know about, Project CARS. A few months later, I bought it on sale and experienced public lobbies with the trusted Aston Vantage V12 GT3. Back then you'd almost excusively race me at Watkins Glen, I just couldn't get enough of its sublime engine roaring and breathing up the esses. In some instances you could have good, clean racing, but most of the time the first lap was Slightly Mad Studios' vision of the battle royale genre at the time. When I had enough of it, I looked up AOR on the internet and joined an IndyCar event open to everyone. It didn't go well as I got rear ended but I signed up for the following GT3 season nonetheless. As the season unfolded I noticed I could help the staff as I was very active on the forum, so I dropped a PM to senior staff and got in as a Xbox coordinator for Project CARS.

Most proud of:
There are several things... but I'd say the number one would be the time I spent coordinating the GT3 Pro tier on Xbox for my first season in charge. It was heartwarming to see people be active, friendly, funny, and coming back to the forum often, because it wasn't very lively before. Secondly, the "Best moderator of 2018" award. I was shocked... in general, I didn't really notice, but many people have been grateful for whatever I did for them, which made me feel useful - one of the best emotions you can ever feel.

Best AOR memory:
Not easy to pick one. There were races where I was on pace with the big boys, which is always rewarding considering how difficult it is for me to be consistent. However, my best memories aren't linked to the league races themselves; rather, I had the most fun in sprint races with the guys I met here, and with the AOR podcasts.