Knut Martinsen

Founder / Administrator

Lives: Norway
Age: 29
Contact: [email protected]

Got into league racing back in 2010 when I randomly clicked a link in someone's signature on the Codemasters forums and ended up at some site called "ARL", who were planning to set up leagues on the upcoming F1 2010. I got involved in what was then a tiny community and through my dedication was promoted to a moderator on the forums. I then helped set up the first season of the F1 leagues, mainly focusing on the Xbox leagues as that was my platform of choice back then. I became the main league runner for the Xbox leagues and saw the leagues gradually grow in the years to come, while making some great friends along the way. When ARL was unexpectedly shut down at the start of 2014, I took the initiative to keep the community going, and took on the help of Dan Hawkins who offered his website skills to rebuild the forums from scratch. After many long days and nights, we opened the doors to Apex Online Racing (AOR) on 13th January 2014.

My overall role in AOR is as an administrator for the leagues and the community, but I've also been actively racing in the leagues since the start, mainly in the F1 leagues all the way from F1 2010, but also in the GT3 league on Project CARS 2, Formula Renault 2.0 league on iRacing and several others. Used to race on Xbox, but have gradually transitioned over to the PC. I've also operated my YouTube channel (AOR Fisi), which used to be seen as the official AOR channel, to over 20k subscribers, most notably editing the so-called 'official highlights' for the AOR F1 leagues. You'll also find me occasionally doing stream and commentary work.

Outside of AOR I'm currently studying Applied Computer Technology at the Oslo Metropolitan University, and working part-time as a Game Master at Escape Hunt Oslo.

Online alias:
FisiFan91 / AOR Fisi

Watching stuff, league racing, gaming, kicking balls, listening to power metal.

Sports enjoyed:
F1, various motorsports, football, occasionally winter sports (since I'm Norwegian).

Giancarlo Fisichella, Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team, Liverpool FC.