Marvin Sluman


Lives: Netherlands
Age: 19
Contact: [email protected]

Moderator, mainly active on Project CARS side. Also helping out in the iRacing GTE League.

Sim racing, real racing and playing football.

No idea, I guess how hot it was in the summer of 2018.

Playing football and sports in general.

Sports enjoyed:
F1, F2, football, basketball.

I like a lot of drivers in F1, but of course being Dutch I mainly support Verstappen. Also like Hamilton, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Leclerc, Magnussen and Gasly. As for football I was always an Ajax fan living close to Amsterdam, but got a bit bored of the Dutch competition. Now mainly watching Juventus games as that is my favourite team, but can also enjoy a nice Premier League game. Don't have a favourite team in basketball, but I am a fan of Kawhi and LeBron.

Joined AOR:
I basically became active on AOR after the release of Project CARS 2. Joined a F1 social race a year earlier, but failed so much that I never came back to the site until the release of Project CARS 2. For anyone wondering what I did in that F1 race, I basically tried to serve my drive-through under a safety car period. Only after 3 attempts I realised it wasn't a bug, but just me being stupid. In my first Project CARS season I applied to become a coordinator as our tier was the only one without one. Although they found me a bit too insecure in my application I still got the coordinator badge. Maybe it helped that I was the only one to apply, who knows. Really enjoyed my first season, although I was never comfortable having to make a decision on race night about rebooting the lobby etc. Still is my least favourite thing about being a coordinator. Luckily everyone has always been nice and supportive. After my second season I got promoted to moderator. Really happy I was given that chance as I'm enjoying my time here. Have met a lot of great people and I always enjoy seeing a lot of interaction within the community.

Best AOR memory:
I guess becoming a moderator, but my best racing achievement would definitely be the 12 Hours of Bathurst over on iRacing. For most of us it was the first endurance race, so we were really happy to bring the car home in P2. We should have won it, but we got taken out by a backmarker in the last stint. Still annoyed about that incident.