Robert Sundqvist


Lives: Sweden
Age: 46
Contact: [email protected]

Online alias:

Motorsport, football and metal music.

Dishonest people.

Only time for work and AOR.

Sports enjoyed:
F1, WEC, Blancpain, MotoGP, football.

Liverpool FC. Have no driver or team that I support, just love to see good racing.

Joined AOR:
I joined AOR in March 2016 after seeing videos from Yorkie065 and TonyR. Started with GT3 Season 4 as a driver and Season 5 was my first as a coordinator. I must have done a good job as a coordinator as I was asked to be a moderator in June 2017. The open racing community and the possibility to have good online racing was the main reason that I joined AOR.

Most proud of:
Making new friends.

Best AOR memory:
Finished 3rd in the GT3 Season 5 Championship.