Silvino Daniel

Super Moderator

Lives: United Kingdom
Age: 24
Contact: [email protected]

Part of the AOR moderating team since 2015. Have worked as the main overseer for the PS4 F1 Leagues.

Online alias:

Sports enjoyed:
F1, football, tennis.

Arsenal and Kimi Raikkonen.

Joined AOR:
I joined AOR (ARL as it was back then) because I saw the highlights videos produced by FisiFan91. I turned into an ARL fanboy and decided to join the website. I first coordinated the AOR PS3 F4 league in Season 8. That was my first AOR season and I found myself in a coordinating position after about 5 races due to various reasons.

Most proud of:
Successfully managing the AOR PS4 F1 leagues for 2 seasons.

Best AOR memory:
Spa Season 8. Won from pole to secure my first ever AOR win.