What is AOR

Everything you need to know

Apex Online Racing (AOR) is a company and a community that runs leagues across many games, for all abilities. We have organised leagues since 2010 and they've gotten better and better as the years have gone by. We provide a place for everyone to build and improve their racecraft, enjoy competitive racing, and become a better virtual driver.

We don't just run our own leagues, we have also planned, produced assets, executed, overseen and adjudicated leagues for a few big brands too! This demonstrates AOR's position as the biggest and most professional Sim Racing league organisers in the world.

AOR's ethos is "Clean, Fair and Competitive" racing, giving everyone a chance to race in professionally organised leagues. We've said goodbye to the days of open sprint lobbies that were quick and fun, but always seemed to have a troll or someone that was just there to ruin your race. Some people think that leagues aren't accessible to new racers, and that simply isn't true at all; AOR caters for all abilities. Some leagues allow no assists, others allow few assists (racing line for example), while our assist leagues allow traction control and ABS to be used, giving drivers the opportunity to progress towards the top of the Sim Racing and Esports world.

Apex Online Racing is about allowing drivers to have a platform where they can race for fun or competitively each week. We allow all drivers to race in our leagues and begin building their online racing profile.

AOR's History

AOR has been around since 2010, when we started running leagues for fun back on F1 2010. Originally known as "ARL" until that ceased to be, we reformed as AOR to keep the community and leagues alive. Initially focused mainly on the F1 games, we've gradually expanded our reach and now run established leagues on a range of popular racing titles.

2017 was a massive year for AOR. Firstly, working with Formula 1 and Codemasters to help run the League Championship side of the F1 Esports Series, we helped plan, execute and maintain the league to produce nine rapid drivers who headed to London for the finals.

2018 was an even bigger step up in the Sim Racing world. We welcomed our F1 League Partner, Hype Energy, who have helped contribute content towards the drivers' efforts. From Season 16, drivers will be fuelled by Hype Energy too! This led to Elgato Gaming coming onboard, helping us produce even better streams for the Sim Racing community, and Thrustmaster and GT Omega Racing have also come on board. There is ongoing dialogue with other potential sponsors, helping us give back to the AOR Community for their support and believing in Apex Online Racing!

Slightly Mad Studios have also aligned with AOR to become an Official Affiliated League, creating the Official Project CARS (1 & 2) GT3 League. They also went above and beyond by allowing us to award the winners of each top tier a trophy!

Today, AOR is staffed by community-sourced Super Moderators, Moderators and Coordinators plus the awesome Social Team we have too! The team comes together and allows us to provide the AOR Community with exciting leagues, events, broadcasts, videos, articles and more, every day!

Back on the 31st January 2018, Apex Online Racing become an officially registered company, "ApexOnlineRacing Ltd", cementing our commitment to help take the company forward and continue to keep growing.

AOR's Promise

We're constantly evolving the tech behind our website. New servers allow for a more stable and responsive platform, allowing the AOR Community a seamless visit. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the many people who have supported us. Some guys have only just joined the website and we welcome you all to our platform!

Any money AOR generates is always invested it back into the site to help take us forward. We are lucky to have a community where individuals have donated to help us move new features out to the forums.

We want all drivers to get involved and have a good time and we have a zero-tolerance attitude towards bullying and harassment. If you feel anyone is not being as fair as they could, please get in touch and we will do our best to get the situation resolved. We are committed to making the community a welcoming place for all.

We want to help build our drivers' online Sim Racing profiles and, who knows, maybe make a name for themselves. If you want to be the next big name in Esports or Sim Racing, you're in the right place!