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  1. Funding for the new App Plan

    As we're now a "brand" in Apples terms, we must look at the "Enterprise" plan, which consists of:
    • Priority Email Support
    • Android App
    • iOS App (No Mac Required)
    • App Submissions/Updates
    • Your Store Accounts
    • Your Screenshots
    • Private Communities Ok
    • Push Alerts
    • Forum Add-on/Plugin
    • Tues-Thurs 2-6PM

    We're crowdfunding for £424. That being said, right now I'll put £74 in from my own back pocket, which gives us £350 to raise. I will try and put some more in too, so we can keep the App.

    Now - don't feel required to donate, if you use the App, we'd love you even more so for donating. If you've already donated at the start of the year, you've already helped us get this far - so thank you <3