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AOR Gran Turismo Sport Super GT - Season 1 Announcement Hello, and welcome to the inaugural Gran Turismo Sport league here on AOR. We are very proud to present a new and exciting foray into one of Playstation's most beloved franchises with our Super GT League. After tremendous interest and many suggestions from potential drivers, we have worked to create the best racing experience on Gran...
AOR Triple Crown Events
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AOR Triple Crown Events AOR are proud to present the Triple Crown Events! This series of special events will put you through three of the toughest challenges in motorsport: Indy 500, Le Mans and Monaco GP Project CARS 2 has offered us the unique opportunity to host three very special events in motorsport. Three events all drivers want to win at some point in their life, but only a few...
AOR Touring Car League - Season 1 - Announcement
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AOR Project Cars 2 Touring Car - Season 1 XB1/PS4/PC - Announcement Dear fellow AOR drivers, As we await the final round of the GT3 season on Project CARS 2 we are happy to announce our first touring car season here at AOR. Pick one of the 4 touring cars available in the game and come join us on Wednesdays for hopefully some close racing action. This short 4 round season will see us travel...
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues Top Tier Statistics
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Hello everyone, Some of you might be familiar with the iRacing side on the forums where @Minimariner made a fantastic spreadsheet with the all-time statistics for the League. While some of us already attempted pumping out some statistics about the Top Tier F1 Leagues in the past (F1Maestro on the Xbox side in particular), it was always quite a big hassle to collect everything from every...

AOR Esports & Leagues Championship

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Introducing our upcoming two upcoming Championships! Esports Championship & Leagues Championship, on F1 2017! This is purely an interest thread, you will be tagged in the sign up post, once we've finalised everything. We'll be looking to provide these championships across all three platforms, making it available for all! We can't reveal too many details at this stage, but in order to help...
New Sponsors Join the AOR branding
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Hey All, You'll notice a new HYPE Energy / Elgato banner on the website - this is not removable via Premium Membership. I've gone through and ensured this is now also reflected on our Social Media Channels and YouTube. YouTube: Social Media: Awesome progress on the sponsors, so far! I also look forward to sharing with you our next sponsor(s) in the coming weeks. Let me know if anyone...
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 15 Announcement
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Apex Online Racing is happy to present Season 15 of the AOR F1 Leagues - and the sign-ups are now open! This will be the 15th installment of our historic leagues that started back in our humble beginnings on F1 2010. The community and the leagues have certainly come a long way since then, having just finished the biggest ever league season in AOR history - Season 14 - which saw over 30...
PS4 AOR Project CARS 2 LMP2 TEC Season 2 - Announcement
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Presenting the next season of the AOR Project CARS 2 LMP2 Team Endurance Championship (TEC) League for the Playstation 4. After a successful Season 1 we are back with more LMP2 endurance races. Can you and your designated team member win the team championship in this thrilling league with races of more then two hours of racing? Be the champion of the 24 Hours of Le Mans (day & night cyclus) or...

AOR Meet & Greet (and race!) staff and fellow AOR members!

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DOES Fancy meeting and racing AOR staff like Fisi, Stevie, Dan and even Erti? We'd love to as well! There will also be an AOR champion of Adam Tierney there. Come to Daytona Tamworth on Sunday 25th March around lunchtime and say hi or even have a race with us! Look at the list of sessions here and navigate to these Get yourself a kart booked and let us know if you book , can't wait to...
Announcing the launch of Team AOR!
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Just a quick announcement to say that we're officially launching Team AOR! The team will be based on the iRacing platform to begin with, and over time we can branch into different sims, and build a solid driver base. The goal is to eventually compete at the highest level against the top teams and drivers in the sim racing community. There will also be a slight change in how Team AOR is...
AOR's YouTube Partnership Status
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Hi folks For those unaware of YouTubes latest partnership rule changes, YT will be removing partnership status (and therefore demonitisation) any channel with less then 1000 subscribers and less then 4000 hours of view time over a 12 month period. This change happen to coincide with the decision made by AOR to centralise all official league streams into 1 channel, so AOR was faced was a...
GameBlast 24 Hours Of Pure Gaming - For Charity!
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Hey Guys, This year we're supporting GameBlast's annual 24 hour fundraiser! (See their website here) It all happens 23-25 Feb 2018! Help us raise £100,000! Thousands of people with physical disabilities miss out on the magic and inclusion of video games because they can’t use a games controller or keyboard. You can change their lives by organising your own GameBlast gaming marathon or...
AOR Project Cars 2 GT3 Season 9 Announcement
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AOR Project CARS 2 GT3 Leagues - Season 9 Announcement Dear fellow AOR drivers, The AOR team is proud to present Season 9 of our much anticipated Project CARS 2 Official GT3 League. After a successful Season 8 with tremendous driving and hard fought battles we are looking forward to an awesome Season 9 with even more epic battles, close driving and tight championships! Based on your...
rFactor 2 AOR Heads To Daytona!
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The first of the AOR rFactor 2 Endurance Events has been announced as 12 hours of Daytona, with sign-ups now open! A provisional calendar for the rest of 2018 has also been released today, which will see AOR travel to more iconic endurance races such as Le Mans and Spa Francorchamps. On Saturday 3rd February 2018 the 12 hours of Daytona will become the first race in AOR history to feature...
rFactor 2 2018 F1 Cars Are Coming To AOR!
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Coming soon to AOR will be a Formula 1 league ran on PC simulator rFactor 2, with the exclusive use of a mod based on the 2018 F1 regulations! This league is a continuation of the Formula 1 league which Nebula hosted, and is now the second confirmed AOR league on rFactor 2. This league will host races on Saturdays, and will see 16 selected 75% races take place between 24th March and 6th...
rFactor 2 AOR rFactor 2 Endurance Events Announcement!
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Today AOR can announce that following the popular announcement of the F2 league, we will now also be hosting a variety of endurance events on rFactor 2 as well! These events will likely replicate races that occur such as Alonso's race at Daytona and of course, the legendary Le Mans 24 hours. Race distances this long are totally unprecedented in AOR, making the introduction of these events...
DiRT 5...4...3...2...1...GO!! DiRT 4 PVP Rally Championship Sign-Ups Open
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We have some exciting news to share: Sign-ups for AOR's first Season of DiRT 4 PVP Knockout Rally Championship are now open!! We have been missing rally on the forum for a while now, but, now it's back, back with the BANG of anti-lagged monsters roaring through the countryside of 5 different locations. For this, the inaugural season, drivers will be pitted against each other through the...
F1 2017 AOR PC F1 League - Round 1 Recap
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Season 14 of Apex Online Racing's renowned F1 leagues kicked off this week on the new F1 2017, and the most competitive drivers on the PC platform took center stage to create an enthralling contest. It was an all rookie podium for the opening round of the season with an imperious performance from @Bereznay Dani to seize victory from pole ahead of the two Finns @Timp and @töpäää, with the...
F1 2017 AOR Season 14 Preview!
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As the hype for the inaugural Esports event simmers down for the moment, it's time for yet another season of what has made AOR and its predecessor successful. Yes it's the fourteenth season (would you believe it) of the F1 leagues! First of all though, a quick(ish) run down on the history of F1 on AOR. We'll also have a few words from an excited fellow AOR member later. Beginning back on...
Other AOR Rocket League Championships Season 3 - Sign Ups Open!
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Sign ups for Season Three of the AOR Rocket League Championships have officially now opened to all players on the PC and PS4 platforms. Teams of three will battle it out on the much loved car football game in a new Champions League style format, with promotion, relegation and glory all at stake this time around. As in previous seasons, each fixture will be decided through playing three games...