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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 20 - Brazil - 26/01/20 @ 8PM UK (GMT)

    Sorry to have had had a couple no shows @Hasnain. I've had trouble with my internet at my new place and some family stuff that I had to take care of, I'm hopeful I can race next week but I'm not gonna make it tonight unfortunately.
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 17 - Japan - 05/01/19 @ 8PM UK (GMT)

    I won't be racing tonight, in the middle of moving house
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 16 - Russia - 15/12/19 @ 8PM UK (GMT)

    I'm sorry to be a pain once again @Hasnain, but unfortunately I won't be able to attend as I'll be in Amsterdam for work all weekend.
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 12 - Hungary - 17/11/19

    Not gonna make it for tonight, was gonna race at my mates house but it's still downloading the latest version
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    PS4 Mid Season Interview

    What was your pre-season expectation? I had 0 expectations before the start of the season, just hoped for some good clean racing and hopefully be competitive. Are you happy with your results so far this season? If not, why? That's an absolute no. There have been races where I should have...
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 8 - France - 6/10/19 @8PM UK

    Qualifying: 6th Had decent-ish pace in the dry but it just had to be wet and I struggled massively. Not got 1 run in that was representative. Need to sort it out. 6th was the best I could do. Race: 6th Got a decent start and kept position. Guys around me were way more agressive and were...
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 7 - Canada - 29/9/19 @8PM UK

    Qualifying: 3rd Not sure how that was still 3rd. I came close to a complete stop at the final chicane just to make sure it wasn't invalidated. Miles off what I could do but I guess it was the same for the majority. Was happy I got away with 3rd to be honest. Race: 2nd Got off the line well...
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 7 - Canada - 29/9/19 @8PM UK

    Lightning quick with this one Bankai
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 6 - Monaco - 15/9/19 @8PM UK

    Qualifying: 3rd As it was wet at the start of qualifying I chucked in a lot of fuel to get a feel for it but as the track dried up as the session progressed, it was time to do 2 runs on the softs. The first one I messed up by cutting turn 1 so I dived straight back into the pits to bolt on...
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 5 - Spain - 8/9/19 @8PM UK

    Qualifying - 4th Well after a Saturday spent going out drinking I didn't expect anything here to be honest and it was no surprise I ended up where I did. Managed to do a 17.7 on mediums on Friday with some improvements to be made but hungover me had different plans. 18.2 was all I could scrape...
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 3 - China - 25/8/19 @8PM UK

    Qualifying: 2nd After wasting time on the hard tyres it was time to bolt on the mediums and safe to say it went badly. Lap was all over the place but a 31.9 was still enough for 2nd. I was never gonna get pole with @robin8f doing a 31.5. Race: 1st Had a decent start and settled for 2nd going...
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 2 - Bahrain - 18/8/19 @8PM UK

    I'll be missing this one, I'll be at a festival which I'd already planned before signing up. We got some decent DJ's over here you see I'll be back for China
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 1 - Australia - 11/8/19 @8PM UK

    Qualifying: Had a feeling this wasn't gonna go down well and it showed. 20.1 was still enough for pole surprisingly but it was over 3 tenths off my PB. Race: Made a good start for once, I had made terrible starts in practice runs. Tried to stretch a gap but felt uncomfortable from the get go...
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    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 1 - Australia - 11/8/19 @8PM UK

    Struggling to keep the car on the track