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  • Hi Alex
    I'm a new entrant for AOR and am looking to join a NA league. While recording my TT lap for Britain there was a glitch which did not account for laps I set in the session. I included a description of the issue in my post on the NA league TT thread, but I wanted to reach out to a staff member about the issue to see if there was anything I could do about it.
    Hi, i have to race with a different psn name tonight, pedromota, please add me. Thanks.
    Hey Alex! You wanted me to make a screenshot of my ping test in the AOR F1 PS4 League - "joining thread". I uploaded it yesterday using the mobile page and somehow it doesn't show up on the PC - site. Did you receive it? Or maybe it is just a bug on my phone..

    Alright, I've got all done and the times are in the thread. Thank you very much for the fast help! :)
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