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  1. Amylee4000

    AOR Formula Renault 3.5 Championship Season 3 - Sign Up & Info

    #11 - Raul Alvarez @Amylee4000 - Spain- Cosgrove Motorsport Honda - 321417 - 1110- A 3.61 - I have read and understood the rules
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    PC PC Evaluation Race #2 - 1st April

    Hi, checking right now the F1 Season 15 race calendar and seeing my work shifts I can only do 8 races in total,.. so I think there is no place for me in this league,.. Please erase my seat for the test race this Sunday. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks anyway.
  3. Amylee4000

    PC PC Evaluation Race #2 - 1st April

    Understood, gonna do it tomorrow Saturday for the Sunday test... Thanks...
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi there!! To start, my name is Raúl despite the nick (Amylee4000, dont ask me why, is a long story). Im from Spain and 37 years old. Formula 1 fan since I was young and racing games since my first play one. I work full-time in a hotel, I do rotating shifts in the morning, afternoon and nights...
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    PC PC Evaluation Race #2 - 1st April

    I would like to take part in this evaluation race. Thanks in advance.