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    PC AOR RallyCross Round 3 - Hell [18/07/2017 - 8PM UK Time]

    To my defense @rccomtemicheal I did just hold my line from t2 to t3 wich was the inside line... And the t2 incident was no ones foult in my eyes.. I went on the inside, both of you at the same time only because i did not want to t-bone both of you in the corner..
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    PC RallyCross Season 1 Introduction Thread

    Hello! My name is Andreas and Im a 18 year old guy from Sweden! In the computer racing world a race with a Logitech G27. I have race in a race 07 league about 3 years ago, did not go so well because the driving style of karting was not liked by the people that runed the league... As of my...
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    PC AOR RallyCross Leagues Season 1 Sign Up Thread

    Do you understand the league regulations:Yes Gamertag: Andreas Lundin Nationality: Swedish Would you like to be an Officiator?: No please Car selection: Ford Focus RX Speedtest result:
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    AOR Rally Leagues - Sign Up Thread (Season 3)

    Platform: Pc Do you understand the league regulations: Yes RaceNet ( username (important to be correct): SpiderPig80 Nationality: Swedish Car: Subaru Impreza 2001