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    PC ACC S3 R6 Open Social - T4 Practice 05/04/20 (Sun) & 06/04/20 (mon)

    Nice! I will join today Edit: sry, got an invitation to an esport event. I will try that one.
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 2 - Round 7 - Zolder - 24.03.20 @8PM UK Time

    The Race was totally disappointing, 4th Race of the season for me with a crash which destroys the race. After the big crash in Lap 1 I had to repair for 67 seconds and finished a stint with ~60mins so the car wasnt able to fight because of the worn tires. Now looking for Spa, I hope i can...
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    Moved ACC Tier 2 Round 5 1st incident

    As you can see from my view, i was that close to the aston in front that i couldnt see the crash in front. There were no braking lights so i couldnt expect that i have to stop there. Normally that is the point where you go full speed. I already said sorry to @Backe Gabrielsen after the race...
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    Moved ACC Tier 2 - Round 5 - Start Pile-Up

    In my opinion its a racing incident. The start was definitely the move of @VLX_Chewydee but at that moment it was clear next to him, so I think its ok. Maybe he just couldnt see how fast everyone came from behind. There was no time to react and avoid for @JKay14 . In the end there should have...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Pro - Round 1 - Barcelona - 11.02.20 @8PM UK Time

    That was one of the best races I ever had on acc. Lap 1 wasnt a good one for me, lost 3 positions in turn1 because i had to avoid a crash. Fighting all the way with @JKay14 and @D-tox was just awesome! Just a little bit frustrating that i couldnt get through the r8 which was on old tires. The...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Pro - Car and Team Registration

    Car Registration Name: Basti Schäfer Car: AMR Vantage V8 GT3 Custom Livery: No In-Game Team: Garage 59 Entry Number: 188