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    PC Round 9 - Canadian Grand Prix [08/11/20 8:00pm UK]

    Quali: P2 - I could have squeezed a extra few tenths but do to being blocked on the first corner of my run I had to settle. Race: P8 - I kept it clean and did nothing wrong until the VSC came out right after the Safety Car and it cooled down my rear tires a bit, because of all the corners to...
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    Moved Cut off/Turned into and got 3 second penalty

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 11/8/20 Members Involved: @Steve Jackson Description: I was stuck behind @Steve Jackson after doing a late pit and gave him a good run going into the final corner where I passed him and not having the proper racing line going into...
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    PC AOR America F1 PC League Season 5 - Main Thread

    @Fizzymon @Steph Farelle Hey guys, after last weekend and thinking of it more, I'm dropping out of the American split. I only planned on participating in the Euro split this season and after giving the American split a go, I can't justify giving up my full day for this split anymore when I'm...