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    AOR America F1 2020 Leagues - Discussion Thread - Season 5

    Is there any way we can move the America F1 race schedule on another day other than Sunday? Having a race at 3pm and then 8pm with an hour or so break between for dinner isn't worth the time anymore and as much as I'd like to join again, it completely looks up my Sunday.
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    PC Main AOR PC F1 2020 Leagues - Main Evaluation Race Thread - Season 20

    ● Race Report: Qualifying Position: 14th Qualifying Time: 1:27.269 Finishing Position: 10th Other notes: Traffic for the first 3rd of the race wasted the pace on the mediums, with being cut off on Lap 8 and spinning. 2nd stint on hards with no traffic helped make up time
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    PC Round 12 - Brazilian Grand Prix [07/06/20 8:00pm UK]

    @Hinyaldee Thanks for hosting the split, do appreciate the work you put in over the course of the season. Hope to catch (up) to you next season (y)
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    PC Round 12 - Brazilian Grand Prix [07/06/20 8:00pm UK]

    What a **** way to end this crappy season overall. It started off well enough and then incident after incident and then having to replace my wing 3 times just set me back and with the stupid ghost lapping system I couldn't advance at all. Hope the next game is way better than this and hope the...
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    Moved F7 Torpedo

    I apologize @tYsU^ as I was going into the pits I forgot about the normal breaking zone and just ran into you, that was my mistake.
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    PC Round 8 - Australian Grand Prix [03/05/20 8:00pm UK]

    Sorry I wasn't around, was out of town and couldn't get online
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    PC Round 7 - Chinese Grand Prix [26/04/20 8:00pm UK]

    Seeing as my race is over, my electricity went out an hour before the race and came back just 12 minutes after the start, enough for me to jump in luckily. Started 2nd to last, and with my worst start, finished P2 on the mediums before pitting for the hards, went back on track and had Steam...
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    Moved Americas taken out from aggressive pass

    Platform + League: PC America F1 League Coordinator: @Steph Farelle @Mo#9991 Date: 4/19/20 Members Involved: @Bobino12 @Lundqvistbro Description: I spun out on the straight and as I got back to speed, @Lundqvistbro and @Bobino12 came around the corner and were battling. Lundqvistbro defended...
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    Moved Spun out and ended my points race American F1

    @LyneMartel 1. It was a light touch but enough to remove the traction from the rear wheels. 2. There was contact as shown in the attached image. Lap 16 Contact with myself. 3. They don't but I don't have a reason for that. 4. I was not on the throttle or brake at the point of spinning and the...
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    Moved Tried to make space when their wasn't America F1

    Platform + League: PC America F1 League Coordinator: @Steph Farelle @Mo#9991 Date: 4/5/20 Members Involved: @Vines Description: We were going back and forth through the last few laps and on the straightway going into Ascari, I kept the inside line to force @Vines outside but he went off track...
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    Moved Spun out and ended my points race American F1

    Platform + League: PC American F1 League Coordinator: @Steph Farelle @Mo#9991 Date: 4/5/20 Members Involved: @Shentar @LyneMartel @Bobino12 Description: After a good battle and race within the midfield, coming up to Ascari and side by side with @Shentar I had @LyneMartel hit me from behind and...
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    Moved [F7] Got pushed of the track

    Unfortuanatley this was my aggressive optimism and seeing the opportunity to get ahead. I underestimated @Alastre speed and didn't expect @Akenari and @Kjofex to come back into the middle of the track after Alastre split you guys. I'm sorry for that as we just came out of the VSC.
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    Moved AOR F7 Penalty removal - racing under Safety Car

    edit. Not sure what you are asking for but I was 5th during that lap and in lap 24 at turn 11 I see you behind Macko while the SC was still out. SC came out lap 22 going into 23 for me, I've timestaped the video but it should be at 40:32 when SC comes out.
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    Moved Aggressive contact in F7

    In the first incident @tYsU^ I was in your view long enough before the contact was made. The nudge under the safety car was not a dive bomb just didn't expect your hard break so early. And in the turn 11 incident from your view you tap me 3 times and a further 4th as we exited that corner, after...
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    PC Round 4 - Japanese Grand Prix [29/03/20 8:00pm EDT]

    This was just an annoying race so I don't have much to say