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    AOR Pro Mazda Championship S2 Round 5: Bathurst

    I unfortunatly will have to miss this race... Would have loved to have my shot of surviving the mountain but it is just not going to happen. See you guys next week.
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    AOR Pro Mazda Championship S2 Round 3: COTA West

    Good to see that pov. You absolutly destroyed me(Tom) and Mark during pitstops Jamie, well done!
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    AOR Pro Mazda Championship S2 Round 1: Interlagos

    I love it @FisiFan91 its just that I am Dutch (Tom van Doorn) and Not from belgium as the flag suggests ;)
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    AOR Pro Mazda Championship S2 Sign-Up & Info

    #46 Tom van Doorn benelux - SDC motorsports - B 1.8
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    Brands Hatch Lap 1

    So this wasn't what I expected from my first race. I was pretty nervous starting as it was my first race in the league. Starting right behind @FisiFan91, I got a clear view of the accident. At the start I noticed that Knut was moving towards the car of Colin. I also noticed him trying to correct...
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    AOR Pro Mazda Championship Info & Discussion

    Hey all! I would like to be entered on to the reserves list for the remainder of this season. Name: Tom van Doorn #46 SR: B - 1.8 ish (iRacing is down atm can't check and yes I know painfull....) Team name: SDC Motorsports iRacing club: BeNeLux I hope to join the league 'full time' next season...