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    Closed T2-R1-Lap 1- Divebomb and collision with @Maximilian Wohlmuth

    ACC Tier 2 Round Number: 1 League Coordinator: @krop Date: 15/09/2020 Members Involved: @Captain Slow @Maximilian Wohlmuth Description: On the very first lap B Mills. and Wohlmuth divebomb into the hairpin. I see them coming so I leave some space not to crash out. I loose a position but stay...
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    ACC GT3 Season 5 - Tier 2 - Team Registration

    Any other Lexus drivers in Tier 2?
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    PC AOR ACC GT3 League - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 5

    I think also troubling is that under yellow flags most people don't brake or even ease of the gas at all. I saw an accident on Lap 2 and slowed down but most guys just went full speed past me and caused a pile up. Some lucky ones got through but still that should be monitored and penalized like...
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    Closed Tier 2 - Round 5 Spa - Lap 1

    Yeah these things happen in difficult conditions, no hard feelings from my part either. On to the next one.
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    Closed Tier 2 - Round 5 Spa - Lap 1

    My point of view: I actually had a full tank and the Aston being the worst off the line, the Lambo passed me straight away at the start. Then there was a short moment where I had to come of the throttle as the cars ahead slowed down. Can be clearly seen on the video. This was still uphill so...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 4 - Tier 2 - Race 4 - Brands Hatch [23/06/2020 7:30pm UK]

    Bottled the qualy as expected so started 30th. Avoided a sideways car on first lap and was rear ended, 15 sec damage. Next lap, pushed out of the track and decided to pit.... The rest of the race was good fair battling with many guys. Just my 55 minutes old tyres took slow punctures and the last...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 4 - Tier 2 - Main Thread

    I had some good battles but my driving today was just average. Unfortunately a blue flagger who refused to yield to 4 cars fighting for a position caused me to lose a couple of positions. Awareness guys...
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    PC AOR ACC GT3 League - Win a Sim-Beast Monitor/TV stand - Season 4

    If you punt @Mattster , will you be out of the draw? Very clever, I see what you did there buddy...