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    Closed Tier 6 Race 5 Lap 8 Sasu vs Brooker vs Ntarivas

    I forgot about it ... I try to be as careful as possible in the races, but it seems that others don't ... thx @Borderline
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    Closed Tier 6 - Round 5 - Dive Bomb Or No Room Given?

    @StormENT I can't believe it ... you also reported me to "divebomb" !!! it is clear on the replay how you hit me Is that where you tried to overtake me?
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    Closed Tier6-R3-Lap 36 Double unsafe rejoin

    sorry... is my fault I tried to get back on the track but I accelerated a bit and being wet I couldn't control it.
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    ACC GT4 - Tier 2 - Round 5 - Taken out twice by the same driver as last week.

    ok ... I was wrong I admit ... I lost my temper, but you also blocked me several times and made me avoid you at the last moment ... if I was in your place and I saw that everything You insist, we let you know ... there was no point in risking a crazy accident ... good that we are not in the same...
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    PC ACC GT4 Season 1 - Tier 2 - Race 5 - Misano [19/09/2020 8:00pm UK

    I didn't receive DT after the first lap ... I didn't understand ... he gave it to me automatically from the game or I had to do it manually :(
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    ACC GT4 - Tier 2 - Round 5 - Taken out twice by the same driver as last week.

    I don't know how I do it ... yes, I only know about you (at the first incident I stopped to pass a few cars ... when to come back ... I saw you, but it was too late ... I was convinced that I touched, I didn't hear anything) at the second incident ... honestly, you kept me behind you and I was...
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    ACC GT4 - Tier 2 - Round 4 - Hungaroring

    what can I say ... at first I missed the braking period :( my mistake... and on the second I went inside and you didn't see me at all, you cut my face, I didn't have anything else to do, you could leave me a little space, anyway you had the inside in the next curve ...
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    ACC GT4 t2 s1-R2-laps 13 and 14-two incidents

    incident 1 ... I came too hard ... but I was waiting for him incident 2 - I took him off the track a little
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    PC ACC GT4 Season 1 - Tier 2 - Teams & Drivers

    @HaiCo I registered with the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 can you change my car
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    PC AOR ACC GT4 League - Discussion Thread - Season 1

    @HaiCo yes, I don't remember signing up as a reserves !