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    XB1 Round 12 - Malaysian Grand Prix [15/07/18 8.00pm]

    Hey guys, unfortunately I won't be racing again tonight. I'm home from my holiday but my TV is broken and it's kind of tough to race blind ;) I'll likely miss next week's race too as it's due to be fixed by Monday 23rd.
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    XB1 AOR XB1 Assist 1 League - Main Thread

    Hey, Austria thread isn't up yet so I'll post here. I won't be racing or hosting on Sunday as I am going on holiday. Have a good one guys.
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    XB1 Round 7 - Hungarian Grand Prix [27/05/2018 8.00PM]

    Qualifying (P12): Pretty decent lap. Not much to say about that one. Race (P11): I dropped back to 16th after a poor start, then after the early crashes was eventually in 11th fighting for top 10. A crash between @SoggyCabbages and @Jott3r in front of me on lap 6 cost me my front wing, though...
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    XB1 Al1 lap 1 crash

    I have a clip. I'm unsure who exactly hit me. I had an awesome start from 14th up to 9th by the 3rd corner, but you can see from the warning arrows that someone on my inside makes a late lunge to a closing gap and sends me into a spin. I didn't see any other incidents of note though you can...
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    XB1 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [13/05/2018 8.00pm]

    No problem man, was a good race and you defended well. Just spent the entire second stint saving fuel and trying to make you do that and the moment you did was the one time I was too close to react lol
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    XB1 AOR XB1 Assist 1 League - Main Thread

    Sorry to hear that @Dangaming10. Its a weird one because I haven't heard about any serious lag issues while I've hosted both this season and last season (except for one race which happened on a night xbox live and PSN were both getting DDoS'd) other than from you. It might be to do with the...
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    XB1 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [13/05/2018 8.00pm]

    Qualifying (P13): Decent, but there was a couple tenths to find and I accidentally left lean fuel mix on for my second run lol. Race (DNF): Was putting pressure on @OwenHope44 for the majority of the race and when he finally makes a mistake that would let me through it collects me and puts me...
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    XB1 Round 4 - Bahrain Grand Prix [06/05/18 8.00pm]

    Started last, ran wide on my only lap in qualifying and ended up 2 seconds off the pace lol. Started on the mediums, planning to take them to lap 15-16 or so, then f1ben was close to me and under pressure so I stayed out longer to try play some rear-gunner driving. Ended up pitting on lap 18...
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    XB1 Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [22/04/18 8.00pm]

    Qualifying (19th) - Disastrous. Cut a corner on both of my laps and came last. Race (DNF) - Disastrous. Had a decent start for the first two corners but then got on the kerb too much on exit, took Okaui with me into the wall (sorry!). Lost a piece of my front wing and lacked pace for the rest...
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    XB1 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [15/04/18 8:00pm]

    Qualifying result: (Didn't get the incidents screen because I was AFK when qualy ended, sorry) Race result + Incidents:
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    XB1 AOR XB1 Assist 1 League - Main Thread

    Yeah I had lag problems as well unfortunately, lost my front wing twice due to lagging cars. @Ferrari3 Sorry mate I had no idea you were around. I normally appear offline during race time to stop my friends from bugging me but do message me for an invite if you aren't in next time and I'll...
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    XB1 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [15/04/18 8:00pm]

    Qualifying (11th): Thought my lap was fairly quick so was disappointed to find it was only good enough for 11th place, guess we have some quick drivers in this season! Race (12th): That was frustrating. Lost my front wing on the run down to turn 3 due to lag, which forced me away from my...
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    XB1 AOR XB1 Assist 1 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1. McLaren 2. Mercedes 3. Renault 4. Toro Rosso 5. Sauber 1. 95 2. 96 3. 97 4. 98 5. 99
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    XB1 AOR XB1 Assist 1 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    Hi guys, I'm Jack. 23 from the UK. I raced in Assist 1 last season and came 5th in the championship, as well as taking the constructors title with McLaren. Hopefully something to build on :). Unfortunately I missed the original application period so I've probably lost my McLaren seat but...