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    PC Round 9 - Hungarian Grand Prix RE-RUN [20/08/2017 08:00PM]

    Quali - P8 Went out on inters at the start, did a coupple of laps to get a time on the board. Went out with enough time to get 2 attempts on SS, ended up P8 after a couple of little mistakes cost me time. Race - P12 (SS-M-S-S, 6-15-28) No idea what happened with @Putttee on the way in to turn...
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    PC Round 9 - Hungarian Grand Prix RE-RUN [20/08/2017 08:00PM]

    Yep, nothing says ready like 2 points all season ;)
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    What do you guys drive in real life?

    The best car in the world, 2011 FIAT Panda. Yes it's bright yellow, no I'm not in the Inbetweeners. (I still have the original doors)
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    PC Round 14 - American Grand Prix [06/08/2017 08:00PM]

    Quali - P11 Wanted to start the race on S, so went out on my only set of them, did 2 laps, both so bad that my first sector on my inlap, on lean fuel mix without pushing at all was 2 tenths faster. Went out on SS, went 9th, which was higher than I expected, or indeed wanted, but @Smu3l3y beat me...
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    PC Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix [30/07/2017 08:00PM]

    Quali - P14 Very little practice, and not my favourite track at the best of times, so was reasonably happy simply to not be last, messed up on my last lap but wouldn't have been much quicker, if at all. Race - P12 (S H(7) H(17)) Managed to avoid all of the Lap 1 chaos, and had a good little...
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    PC PC Split 4 - Spa DQ Removal Request

    Platform + League: PC Split 4 League Coordinator: @TheVerenzak Date: 09/07/2017 Members Involved: Myself Description: Race started wet, so the whole field was on inters. When it dried out, I went for 2 sets of softs for the rest of the race. However, my game crashed, and upon rejoining the...
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    PC Round 10 - German Grand Prix [02/07/2017 08:00PM]

    Fixed the internet but now my PC has gone and fucked itself, so again looks like I'm not going to make it I use controller, or at least I would if my PC worked
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    PC Round 9 - Hungarian Grand Prix [25/06/2017 08:00PM]

    Still having internet problems, I'll have to miss this one too :(
  9. ChriStoffel

    PC Round 8 - British Grand Prix [18/06/2017 08:00PM]

    Not going to make this one, having internet problems that won't be fixed until next week
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    PC Round 7 Austrian Grand Prix [04/06/2017 08:00PM]

    First up, sorry to everyone for making us have to restart, was getting no game sound and couldn't hear anyone in discord. Quali - 17th A bit disappointed, I'd done 1:19.0s in practice but a mistake at 5/6 cost me about 3 tenths and about 5 places. Race - 10th Full wet stint at the start was...
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    PC Round 6 - Canadian Grand Prix [28/05/2017 08:00PM]

    Yeah, really sorry about that, had horrible lag for 3 or 4 laps in the middle of the race, which resulted in front wing damage. Was trying to move out of your way but just misjudged how close you were with my lag. Really disappointing race for me, felt I had the pace in quali to get around P8...
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    PC Round 5 - Monaco Grand Prix [21/05/2017 08:00PM]

    Yeah I kinda figured seeing as you basically didn't accelerate on the straight, but you didn't have to spoil my moment ;)
  13. ChriStoffel

    PC Round 5 - Monaco Grand Prix [21/05/2017 08:00PM]

    Didn't set a time in quali, was planning to sit it out until the track dried but I bottled it and went out on inters. Damaged the front wing on the out lap but went for a lap anyway. Got a bump from one of the Mercs in the tunnel, locked up completely into the following chicane and just went...
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    PC Round 4 - Spanish Grand Prix [12/5/2017 08:00PM]

    Quali - P19 Disaster of a quali session, plan was to go out early to get a feel for things then have a late effort for my proper time, but got wide on the exit of turn 5 on my second sighter and lost it, end of quali. Race - P14 (S(6),M(17),H) Terrible start, revs were too high and i got major...
  15. ChriStoffel

    PC R3: zigzags (heating tyres during race?)

    From 1:35, but included about a lap before to demonstrate how much I was struggling