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    AOR 5 years later you have to be jokering me

    I am still here, @LC SPEED DEMON. But barely. Raced the last F1 season but now no longer have the wheel setup so kinda retired. Plus don't know all these new kids so no chat like their used to be on the mics. Minecraft times used to be fun. I spent weeks building my own private castle out of...
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    PS4 Round 17 - United States Grand Prix [25/02/18 8:00pm]

    Hey. I won't be here for Mexico or Brazil as well. And maybe the final race having moved house.
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    PS4 Round 16 - Japanese Grand Prix [18/02/18 8:00pm]

    Q: 8th R: 8th I can enjoy a wet race but Suzuka is so fun in the dry that I hoped for a dry race. But it wasn't to be. I had practised a lot in the dry and had strategy and setup all planned out. Also did a bit of wet work and had a setup for that. But in quali I was really undecided what to...
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    PS4 Round 15 - Malaysian Grand Prix [11/02/18 8:00pm]

    Q: 10th R: 8th Probably my best performance of the year if not best result. Had some great battles and tension at the end holding off @Carcanon on ss. Put in an afternoon of practice, which I don't normally get around to, and did one race offline, which helped me get a decent stable setup that...
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    PS4 Round 15 - Malaysian Grand Prix [11/02/18 8:00pm]

    Done a little practice this time. So that means I'll be targeting 11th...
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F7 League - Main Thread

    Damn, I think I forgot to tell you guys I wasn't racing last Sunday, or the next 2. I'm on holiday at the mo. Come back 28 Jan but won't make a race then. Sorry.
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    PS4 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/18 8:00pm]

    Q 8th R 9th Given my other races, I enjoyed that. Had some good battles with @James Grant and @wrl1989. Unfortunately I failed to make a move stick and damaged my wing in both cases, giving me terrible understeer and putting an end to my attack. The first instance also meant I had to pit lap 6...
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    PS4 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/18 8:00pm]

    This'll be my past race for a bit as going holiday week after. But it's nice to race at Hungary as I usually end up missing it by pure coincidence of things clashing.
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    PS4 Round 10 - British Grand Prix [17/12/17 8:00pm]

    Rather irritated by that. What was looking to be an enjoyable race fighting for points was ruined when @Matasioo took me out following laps of far too aggressive defending by him. Foolishly I forgot to record otherwise that is deserving of reporting to the stewards. @Matasioo had been overly...
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    PS4 Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix [26/11/17 8:00pm]

    Nearly forgot to notify but I can't race tonight as on hol. Just done the Florence Marathon. New pb. Yay!
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    PS4 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [19/11/17 8:00pm]

    I was referring to when you passed JGMTS after being held up by him for a few laps, which allowed me to recatch you. Tried to sneak past as well but failed and then let damaged wing in the argy bargy. It's interesting too to see most people used 50% differential. I had it on 100% (based on a tt...
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    PS4 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [19/11/17 8:00pm]

    Ah was that you, the car that little stopped dead half way round the left hander at top of the hill?! Gave me a right fright and had to hit brakes and only just avoided sliding into you. But no harm, phew!
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    PS4 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [19/11/17 8:00pm]

    Q 9th : R 5th Points at last! Have always done well at Monaco so nice to finally have a result. Got ridiculous amount of penalties, many of which were unfair as a result from avoiding others or getting pushed off. Made 2 stops. On second stint on SS got stuck behind JGMT (Kam had just snuck...
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    PS4 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [12/11/17 8:00pm]

    Q 4th : R 11th So disappointed. 5 races in; missed 2 and been lapped in every other race haha! But I know the performance has been there at times. I knew Spain would be a good opportunity and had drilled a nice setup and done a couple of practice races Qualified 4th in wet, 4 tenths off pole...
  15. CragglesD

    PS4 Round 3 - Bahrain Grand Prix [15/10/17 8:00pm]

    Alas, just realised I have to miss this one as well. Going to Hull for the weekend (party time!) and found out our booked return train on Sunday doesn't get in till 8pm. Had assumed would be back earlier. I'll be crap at Russia too, so it'll be Spain before I feel I should have a chance of a...