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    Do you want a taco with a lot of salsa?
    Fixing the AOR Website - then back to working on AOR V4 >: )
    Hey dan i was Sending a message to you at Facebook nice when u answer me.
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    Dan Hawkins
    Dan Hawkins
    haven't seen anything yet dude? :S
    Updating the new AOR V3 style - great progress!
    see's @FisiFan91 online and eagerly waits for the AOR App donations to be updated, like an impatient kid at Christmas :D
    Hello i signed in iam new and is in the ps3 f1 league a place free
    Hey, just signed up, is it possible to join a league half way through? Thanks
    Sadly I can't attend this rac e. Close family member has gone into hospital and that's where I will be during the time of the race, I'm really sorry for not showing up I'm still keen to make an impact however it will have to be next race that I do. I wish Good luck to everyone who is racing tonight if the race takes place hope u all have a good race.
    Hi Dan

    I won't be able to make it tonight due to a staffing problem at work which I have to go and sort. I probably won't make it back in time for the race but I will be back next week. Sorry if this cause a problem and pass on my apologises to everyone else but after tonight it shouldn't happen again.
    Hi Dan thanks for adding me to the Project Cars XBox One GT3 League. Unfortunately there is an error with my gamer tag (my bad, sorry). All other information is correct but my gamer tag is Rearwing LMS, I have a sticky space bar!

    Could you please ammend this when you put it on your lists etc; I wouldn't want to miss the start of the league. As you might be able to tell pretty new to this stuff.

    Big thank you.
    hello, I joined the league I also gt3 on project cars, but I do not see that you've added yet, why?
    Project CARS is awesome
    Sorry to bother you, you have the Thrustmaster Tx wheel for XB1? The buttons behind what used to be the start and back buttons, are they considered to be buttons on Project CARS? On the cheapy version, they're classed as RB and LB, which is rather annoying.
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