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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - AM - Round 7 - Barcelona - 03.12.19 @8PM UK Time

    Apology accepted, It did not affect my race too much, I lost way more time by spinning in the chicane a few laps later.
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    PC AM tier R6 Misano lap 1 incident

    I saw the crash and the car in front of me breaking so I did hit the breaks hard. The result can be seen on the evidence.
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - AM - Round 3 - Zolder - 05.11.19 @8PM UK Time

    Don’t take my spot in the back, I am the slow one
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - AM - Car and Team Registration

    Changing Car Name: Domi64S Old Car: Porsche 991 GT3 R (2018) New Car: Porsche 991 II GT3 R (2019) Custom Livery: yes In-Game Team: None Entry Number: 204 I know that my points will reset when I switch my car again: Yes As the livery changes quite a bit with the new car I would like to use a new...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - AM - Car and Team Registration

    Name: Domi64S Car: Porsche 991 GT3 R Custom Livery: Yes In-Game Team: none Entry Number: 204
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Am - Driver Introduction Thread

    Hi I am Dominique, Probably one of the Older ones in this League (54) and work as a project manager in IT. My favorite track is Zolder as closeby so ideal to go cycling a few times per year. I did S12 in PC2. S1 in ACC and found mysef usualy at the bottom half of the table. Sine I am slow i hope...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Time Trial Thread

    Gamertag/ID: Domi64S Number of Laps: Hotstint Time: 10:10:575
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - League Info & Sign Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Tuesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Forum ID: Domi64S Steam Player ID: 76561198416025143 Nationality: Belgium Car selection: Porsche 991 GT3...
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - General Discussion

    Note that I didn’t get anny notification of S2 starting . Somthing wrong,? Could I be the only one? Fortunatly there is still time to sign up.