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    PC Unsportsmanlike behavior by Team Shazoo

    Platform + League: PC League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming @DemoN Date: 18/05/2019 Members Involved: @Leman + Half of the Lobby Description: Dear Stewards, We've just finished probably the dirtiest race ever in this season. 1/3 of the grid got serious damage due to Team Shazoo's racing...
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    XB1 R8 - Brazil - taken out by ESR Amazed

    Well, being an admin, a staff member of any professional organisation, especially like AOR, is about responsibility. During the livestream you are first of all an AOR representative, then 183 representative, that's why your messages, even as jokes, are taken seriously and outrageous cause they...
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    XB1 2019 AOR XB1 Esports Team Tournament - Round 8 United States Grand Prix [07/05/19 8:30pm]

    @DemoN @BosslyGaming TRL Button has an emergency, he will try to join asap. Is he allowed to join during Q?