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    XB1 F2 Start Crash - Multiple cars involved

    Guess my POV isn't needed then but I'll post it anyway
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    XB1 Xbox F2- Hit from behind resulting in major crash

    Bad driving from myself, I should've been more aware what was happening ahead of me. In my opinion I braked at the normal point but saw too late that there was cars going side-by-side into that corner. My fault obviously and again, I'm really sorry for ruining Dralex's race
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    XB1 Round 15 - Singapore Grand Prix [03/02/19 8:00pm]

    I will be racing under the gamertag F A P Pelzeri but it's still the same account as AOR Pelzeri @Hayden_430
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    XB1 F2 - Possible penalty removal

    I don't have my POV on this unfortunately. Looks like Sam's clip shows enough
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    XB1 XB1 Tier 1 Christmas Cup first corner incident

    Couldn't do much, had 2 drivers on my inside. Made a little contact with the guy on my right and it caused me to hit Blackstahill
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    XB1 Season 16 Mid-Season Questionnaire

    What has been your favourite/best race of the season? Baku What has been your least favourite/worst race of the season? Britain Any thoughts on the level of racing and competition in this league? The field is pretty close after the OP Force Indias, no complaints Have your pre-season...
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    AOR Classic Christmas Cup 2018 - Sign-Up Thread

    Platform: XB1 Gamertag: AOR Pelzeri Region and League you race in in main leagues: Europe F2
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    XB1 F2 China last lap incident

    Platform + League: XBOX F2 League Coordinator: @Hayden_430 Date: 14/10/2018 Members Involved: @Johnsallonika and @AOR Pelzeri Description: Turn 2, John bumps me in the rear when I was ahead and gave still gave some space. I lose the car momentarily so John gets the position in the following...
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    XB1 AOR XB1 F2 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1. Sauber 2. Mclaren 3. Williams 71, 4