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    PC Round 19 - Brazilian Grand Prix [11/03/18 8:00 pm]

    Forgot to write in earlier, been in bed since Friday. I'm terribly sick atm, can't make it. Only noticed just now with the game invite. Sorry again
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    PC Round 18 - Mexican Grand Prix [4/03/18 8:00 pm]

    I can't make the race tonight, been sleeping all day with a terrible cold. Going back to bed. Good luck everyone!
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    PC Round 17 - United States Grand Prix [25/02/18 8:00 pm]

    @PRelease Not sure if you wanna do anything about it, since it didn't affect your race- but caught this VERY unsafe maneuver by another racer, since he might blame you for his incident, and you'd need some defense. Good race, guys - too bad I binned it myself.
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    PC Round 16 - Japanese Grand Prix [18/02/18 8:00 pm]

    @Eriks0n Sorry for the tiny punt into penultimate turn in lap 5, had a mad Ferrari on my inside I was trying to give space :shame: Good first few laps of racing guys, too bad I got over-confident. GGs.
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    PC Round 9 Re Run - Austrian Grand Prix [11/02/18 8:00 pm]

    My mate got an internship at the European Space Agency, so I'll be out celebrating with him tonight (he leaves Tuesday). Sorry for late post, it was originally next week but he found a place to live down there that requires his presence a week prior, and tonight is the last chance I'll have to...
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    PC Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix [28/01/18 8:00 pm]

    I have my final exam 30th Tuesday, and I'm not quite where I want to be yet- so I'll have to call tonight off, and study instead. Best of luck to all the racers!
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    PC Round 12 - Belgian Grand Prix [14/01/18 8:00 pm]

    My new landline still isn't installed, due to bad weather. Apparently, the ground is too hard to work at the moment. (I don't know) I'm still sitting on 4G as a result, but I'll play a round of counter-strike before race time, to see how stable it is... but from what I've seen the last two...
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    PC Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/18 8:00 pm]

    I'm in the process of updating my landline from 40/40 to 100/100 fiber, so I'm sitting on 4G. I get disconnected like every 20 minutes, almost on the dot- so I'll be sitting this one out. Good luck to everyone racing!
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    PC Christmas Event 20/12/17 7:30PM

    In for sure! Audi R8 LMS - Magnus Racing #44
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    AOR Classic Christmas Cup - Sign-Up Thread

    Platform: PC Steam: (Ferrius) Tier: A1 I'm fine with driving in a non-assist tier, as I'm only using Automatic Gearing anyways.
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    PC Round 10 - British Grand Prix [17/12/17 8:00 pm]

    Check the main thread for issues regarding end-session results, accidentally posted in there.
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    PC AOR PC Assist League 1 - Main Thread

    Race was good (if a lot of lag), but could cope with it. However, seems we have a lot of contradicting screenshots at the end of the race... Ferrius End-Session screen: Ferrius End-Session Screen (with times): Here's @BDave17's...
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    PC GT3 S8 Pro - R6: Monza GP 13/12/2017 @ 8PM

    My tires 90% off the race, kept going off- quite happy no more attended, so I finished P8 regardless of being 5 minutes behind :lol: Good season, not happy with my consistency at all, but I had the pace... In the wet, if nowhere else.
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    PC GT3 S8 Pro - R6: Monza GP 13/12/2017 @ 8PM

    Oh, softs are viable here? What lap should i look to do a pitstop, if I go on that compound? I've had no time to practice this race what-so-ever, not even a lap on the track as of this msg.
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    PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [10/12/17 8:00 pm]

    Can't attend, some high request work came through that I need to finish tonight. GL all