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    PC AOR PC F4 League - Main Thread

    hey guys, im sorry to announce that im retiring from the league due to a lack of training and time. I will be back soon guys I hope you guys will enjoy the rest of the season See you guys soon !!
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    PC PC F4 - Round 6 Monaco

    couldnt drive at all my wheel settings arent working the game detected a logitech force gt wheel i dont know why so i was trying to race anyway after changing all the setting while the others qualify but i got the same problem
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    PC PC F4 - Round 5 Spain

    I will not be able to race guys I'm sorry I got some internet issues and I didnt install the game yet so it will take too long I will be there for Monaco, dont worry guys and I'm sorry for the predictions...
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    PC PC F4 - Round 4 Russia

    Hey guys, been a long time I would like to say that I might not be there for the race. I got some family issues that I need to fix immediatly and it will take all my week end to fix it. I'm really sorry guys for the predictions and I hope you will have fun this sunday. See you guys soon
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    PC PC F4 - Round 3 Bahrain

    Well, could have been in the top 5 but idk what happens in the last lap with my teammate and idk who
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    PC Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [08/10/17 8:00pm]

    I hope it will be this close in the hole season
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    PC Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [08/10/17 8:00pm]

    well well, what a race.. I did pretty well to get an unexpected pole position, in a track I supposed to hate so much but I kinda fucked up in turn 1 at the start of the race, going wild in it and dropped P3 or 4 I don remember but I feel that I got the pace to catch the front so I did the best I...
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    PC Prediction League

    well I'm very fast in TT too but like Lunation says TT and race is very different also I can assure you that I'm not that fast in a race haha Pole Time: 1:22.1 Pole Sitter: Chicane Race Winner: Thm89756781534786
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    PC Prediction League

    yeah why not, could be fun !
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    PC Practice Sessions

    count me in add me bro
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    PC AOR PC F4 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1. Force India 2. Mercedes 3. Red Bull 4. Haas 5. Renault Numbers : 1. 34 2. 11 3. 70 4. 95 5. 99
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    PC AOR PC F4 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc) -Hey guys, I'm Jonathan, 20 years old from Paris, France. I'm racing with an old Logitech G25 wheel for almost 8 years and it's still working haha. F1 isn't my main game but I still love playing it...
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    PC Evaluation Race #2: 16th September 8PM UK (Multiple Lobbies)

    I might not be here I will let you guys know
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    PC Evaluation Race #2: 16th September 8PM UK (Multiple Lobbies)

    Im in too