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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Sign-ups are OPEN for Season 19 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues on F1 2019!
    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

  1. ForceSkoda

    PC Assist AOR PC F1 2019 Leagues - Assist Sign Up Thread - Season 19

    ● Gamertag: ForceSkoda ● Nationality: United Kingdom ● Assists used: ABS, Med TC, Corner RL ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active member of the league? Yes ● Have you taken part in any previous AOR F1 league? If so...
  2. ForceSkoda

    PC Round 10 - British Grand Prix [20/10/2019 - 08:00PM UK]

    Just to confirm that I will be able to make it.
  3. ForceSkoda

    PC Round 10 - British Grand Prix [20/10/2019 - 08:00PM UK]

    Just a heads up, I may not be back home in time tomorrow for the race, it will depend on traffic, ideally I can be back for my home race :)
  4. ForceSkoda

    PC AL1 T2 incident, getting divebombed and crashed into

    Not sure how useful my view is lmao, due to me being so far back, but also the quality, however here it is nethertheless.
  5. ForceSkoda

    PC Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [18/08/2019 8:00pm UK]

    Once again another recovery drive from me, P18-P8, not too shabby in the end. Hopefully In China I can actually qualify properly *touch wood*. Congratulations on the double @Skiadr, and the podium finishers @spawnieSTAR @Schwalbe
  6. ForceSkoda

    PC AL1 Australia Turn 9/10 Crash

    Oof what a godly shout, Ill have a look now :D edit: Of course the highlights missed one of the highlights :LOL:
  7. ForceSkoda

    PC AL1 Australia Turn 9/10 Crash

    I have no idea why the video suddenly decides to become a slideshow, but here's my view nevertheless.
  8. ForceSkoda

    PC Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix[11/08/2019 8:00pm]

    Considering all the issues I was having with my computer tonight (sorry for making you all wait twice <3) and an unfortunate invalidation on my quick quali lap the P19-P8 is pretty decent. Made the medium-soft strategy work well. Had a weird moment with @DaddeRaga while a incident unfolded on...
  9. ForceSkoda

    PC AOR PC AL1 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1. Racing Point 2. Red Bull 3. McLaren 4. Alfa Romeo 5. Renault #6 #26 #17 Preferred Teammate: @Realnmk
  10. ForceSkoda

    PC AOR PC AL1 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    For everyone who's new here, welcome to AL1, I hope you will enjoy your stay here :) About me though... I'm ForceSkoda I'm 17 and from the United Kingdom, this will be my forth season in AOR, you can see all my stats in my signature. Specification wise I use a G920 wheel and I have a...
  11. ForceSkoda

    PC Assist AOR F1 2019 Leagues - Assist Evaluation Race Thread - Season 18

    ● Race Report: Qualifying Position: 4th Qualifying Time: 1.28.353 (Mediums) Finishing Position: 2nd Other notes: [One warning for track extension was for avoiding a spinning Schwalbe (Lap 6)]