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    AOR Touring Car Championship Season 1 - Sign Up & Info (cancelled)

    #28 - Ronnie C Gibbons @Gxbbs - UK - Alpinestars Geodesic Racing - 222273 - 3227 - B 3.87 - I have read and understood the rules
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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 7 - Sign Up Info [sign-ups closed]

    I'm withdrawing from the league, just not enjoying it at the moment and would rather the space go to someone who wants to race.
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    AOR iRacing GTE - Wildcard, Format vote!

    People are boring, this is supposed to be for fun so what even is the point
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    GTE S7 R3 - Interlagos - Gibbons & Sluman

    Guess all I can do is apologise tbh, was battling hard and I misjudged your breaking, then the second time I knew I was close and you car didn't unsettle so I just followed you through, I started to get passed you on the exit of T1 and I got the car left call at which point I thought I would...
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    GTE S7 RD3 - Interlagos

    That's the point i'm trying to make, I could see you the whole time, you started to track out so I took to the off track to avoid you. There was not one point where I touched you on my sim. Also with regards as to how you avoided those people, you could have braked so much earlier than you did...
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    GTE S7 RD3 - Interlagos

    Again I’m so sorry for this, but I feel like it was just a netcode problem, because I also saw you tracking out a bit hence why I went off track to avoid you and I did not touch you at all on my screen. It’s a shame there is this issue in iRacing tbh
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    GTE S7 RD3 - Interlagos

    Didn’t even get a 0x for this, on my replay the gap was also bigger. Seems to just be a case of net code unfortunately This is the point you started to lose your car and we wasn’t even touching.
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    AOR iRacing GTE - WILDCARD VOTE #3

    Standing starts are fine, you just need to know how to do them
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    AOR iRacing GTE | R4 | Nurburgring GP

    Think I’m going to need to do a bit more than just practice on the day for this one. Got lucky at interlagos to finish where I did, especially where I had to start from
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    AOR iRacing GTE - WILDCARD VOTE #2

    Why are people voting for tracks we have done before? I don't get it, surely a new track to the league would be more fun???
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    AOR iRacing GTE - WILDCARD VOTE #1

    Belle isle Montreal
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    AOR iRacing GTE | R2 | Watkins Glen

    Only thing that makes a difference to the fuel consumption is throttle position and that is it
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    AOR iRacing GTE League - Q&A.

    @Niclas Domino I submitted a new paint for @Macestreaming
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    AOR iRacing GTE League - Q&A.

    My bad, must have sent the wrong file. All the Geodesic guys should now be sorted.