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  1. Harinioarg

    PS4 A1 Tigaby doing Tigaby things

    @Tigaby Your POV/comments plz
  2. Harinioarg

    PS4 AOR A1 PS4 Italian GP Penalty removal

    Moved to the Stewards @skeevan_
  3. Harinioarg

    PS4 Princess lost her marbles

    Unfortunately this is not possible.
  4. Harinioarg

    PS4 Princess lost her marbles

    Moved to the Stewards. @Seasor @barton123
  5. Harinioarg

    PS4 League ban

    I think I was pretty clear to you already. You have Bean found to have 2 another S16 blacklisted accounts ( @MrBeanF1 @TwannieboyJr ) , thus you had to sign up after S17. This is the second time you tried to race in the AOR leagues while being blacklisted, therefore this time you will be facing...
  6. Harinioarg

    PS4 Lap 22 incident between @Larkin and myself

    @Samuel_Soares You missed the deadline (36hours after the race). @Curly Close this when you can :)
  7. Harinioarg

    PS4 PS4 A1 Turn 1

    Moved to the Stewards @dengartist @EVR_Matt3r_ / @RC7_NI
  8. Harinioarg

    PS4 PS4 A1 Turn 1

    @EVR_Matt3r_ Your thoughts/pov.
  9. Harinioarg

    PS4 Removal from warnings + pen

    Moved to the Stewards. @EnergeticsixNL / @RC7_NI
  10. Harinioarg

    PS4 Connection issues did me loose a spot

    Moved to the Stewards. @EnergeticsixNL @Samuel_Soares / @RC7_NI
  11. Harinioarg

    PS4 Assist AOR PS4 F1 2018 Leagues - Assist Sign Up Thread - Season 17

    Unfortunately your ping is too high to get placed in a AOR European league.
  12. Harinioarg

    PS4 AL2 incident

    @mericaydeniz Unfortunately this has been posted after the dealine (36hours) thus cannot be investigated. @Curly
  13. Harinioarg

    PS4 A1 Penalty removal

    Ok but that means all 3 warnings have to get removed for you to remove the 3sec penalty. With RD you would need less to get the penalty removed if you had less warnings after that. I think you understand what I mean. Moved to the Stewards. @F1Shape @RC7_NI
  14. Harinioarg

    PS4 A1 - Spun at T2

    My pov of this (i had to brake/ almost got damage and @Adrilocdoc unfortunately got damage by me as i was braking)
  15. Harinioarg

    PS4 A1 Penalty removal

    @F1Shape You need to provide the Race Director/RD.