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  1. Hazza29029

    PS4 F2 Oceania incident

    As you can see in the video when i was taken out my car ended up re spawning me on track leaving me with nothing to do.
  2. Hazza29029

    PS4 F2 Oceania incident

    Will post when I get home from school.
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    PS4 F2 Oceania Incident

    Platform + League: PS4 Oceania F2 League Coordinator: @dazaek Date: 2/12/2018 Members Involved: @bananajosh1 @Spily2743 Description: As i was going down the back straight i got a really good slip stream on @Spily2743 and @bananajosh1 untill @bananajosh1 was given an illegal overtake and came...
  4. Hazza29029

    PS4 F2 Oceania // Blocked during Qualifying

    You where easy half a car width away from the wall and you ruined Spillyy’s lap reason for him slowing down. You had plenty of time to pull over and let me go. In the message you sent on PSN you also said your map didn’t show my car for you but then in the write up above you said you did see...
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    PS4 F2 Oceania // Blocked during Qualifying

    Platform + League: PS4 Oceania F2 League Coordinator: @dazaek Date: 18/11/2018 Members Involved: @dazaek Description: Nothing really to say other then stupid driving. I was also informed that on the same lap he blocked @Seasor and at @Spily2743 who where also on flying laps. Evidence:
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    PS4 Please remove this person from AOR - F2 Oceania

    @Fin Kelly anything to say mate I would like to add that grunting is on 40 Penalty Points and he has caused major incidents in both F1 and F2. He is obviously not learning and needs to be removed after this one. @dazaek will soon be coordinator btw but he doesn't have forum perms
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    PS4 Oceania F2 Incident

    @Mourtney5 @LABRINTHNZ any comments // POV
  8. Hazza29029

    PS4 F2 Oceania PS4 - bumped off the track lap1

    @Fin Kelly any comments // POV
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    PS4 Impeding The Hot Lap, Qualifying Spain F2

    @Fin Kelly any comments // POV
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    PS4 Oceania f2 baku crashes

    @Rizekyxakg any comments // POV
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    PS4 ROUND 4 - AZERBAIJAN GRAND PRIX [04/11/2018 AT 8:00PM AEDT / 7:00PM AEST]

    Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 16 Race Information: ● Date: Sunday 4th November 2018 ● Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time) ● Circuit: Baku City Circuit ● Laps: 26 Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from...
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    PS4 Oceania F2 China Incident Report

    @Gvasiligaming any words/video evidence
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    PS4 Oceania F2 China Incident Report

    @Seasor create your report as a new one please by going into the Steward Report area and going into thread title etc! thanks