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    G920 Brake Pedal

    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I recently got a Logitech G920 and was surprised about how stiff the brake pedal is. I've read that it's due to a rubber stopper in the pedal stopping full travel and that you can take it out (it apparently voids the warranty) and have a brake...
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    PC GT3 Pre-Season Test 07.02.18

    I'm afraid that I'm going to have to pull out of this, I haven't touched the game in 3 months and I haven't got any time to practice so I'll just be a hindrance on track.
  3. Hideaki

    PC GT3 Pre-Season Test 07.02.18

    In, will be nice chance to see if some of the bugs that forced me out of last season have been fixed. I think I'll go for the Audi, not sure on the livery yet.
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    PC S8: AOR GT3 Elite - Main Thread

    I'd like to retire from this season, the game in it's current state is simply too broken to enjoy. Once again I had the bug in quali and race where your car becomes completely broken for no reason whatsoever. It's thrown hours of practice out the window and with no apparent remedy, there is no...
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    PC Spa - GT3 League Practice race

    I'm beginning to lose patience with this game. Tonight, in my eval race and in several online lobbies since I've not been able to set a quali lap due to the same bug. I'll be driving normally and then out of nowhere my car becomes undrivable, it pulls on the straights, it won't turn at all, in...
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    PC AOR GT3 Elite - R1: Imola 08/11/2017 @ 8PM

    Well that could have gone better, the mess at the final two corners ruined my race as I picked up damage which was costing me 1+ secs a lap, had to limp home for 14th in the end. Sorry to @grobi0815 if my move was a bit aggressive but I was getting very impatient and it was going to have to be...
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    PC Imola - GT3 League Practice Race

    If you want to see a driver defend their position for 30+ laps without an incident, go watch the elite league race at Oschersleben in S6, JimBoum defends his position for the entire race from myself and my two teammates without incident.
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    PC S8: AOR GT3 Elite - Car Selection Thread

    Can we just rename this league the AOR Project Cars 2 Ferrari Challenge Cup?
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    PC S8: AOR GT3 Elite - Car Selection Thread

    Very well, I'll take the Audi R8 LMS Endurance, if @Mazy CZ will take me as a teammate.
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    PC S8: AOR GT3 Elite - Car Selection Thread

    I'll join you, provided there's no difference between the endurance and normal versions of the Audi.
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    PC Season 8 Time Trial Thread

    Gamertag/ID: Hideaki Catalunya Time+Photo: 1:44.043 Laguna Seca Time+Photo: 1:22.690 Assists Used: TC (Low), ABS
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    PC Evaluation race #4 - 30th October

    That was eventful, a series of glitches ensured that didn't get a quali lap in and that I'd have to start from 26th. On top of that my car felt nothing like what I'd been driving all week. Add to that having to fight through the field and it meant that I was nowhere near the pace that I could...
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    PC Season 8 Sign-Up Thread

    First! Can you race regularly on Wednesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Steam: Hideaki Nationality: Welsh Automatic Gears: No Pingtest Result...