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    PC AC Challenge League - Information. Sign up. Rules

    That’s looks very professional setup for a successful league
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    PC AC Challenge League - Calendar and content

    Hello gentlemen, it’s great to be among sim racers who admire the awesomeness of Assetto Corsa. My name is Ihab Abbas and I am sim racing since 2005. AC is my top sim racing software. And I have almost all of other sim racing softwares in my steam library, but AC has my heart. And a big thank...
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    Proposal of an AC league for PC

    Great effort my friend. well-done for you and the team who is behind this :love:(y)
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    PC AOR vs SRA event: 2nd January 2021 (Assetto Corsa)

    Hello bro. I did the registration through the form. It is read :)
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    PC AOR vs SRA event: 2nd January 2021 (Assetto Corsa)

    Hello bro. Please sign me for both. Hopefully I’ll do both.
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    Proposal of an AC league for PC

    I have all the sims and I play AC the most. I put 400 hours on steam. The next one is rF2 120 hours. And the comes the rest. AC in my opinion is the best all round sim in the market so far. And I wish if some investor can buy it from Kunos and implement CM, SOL, CSP and good weather engine into...
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    Proposal of an AC league for PC

    I suggest 1 or 2 Social events with commentary as a starter point.
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    PC GT4 (Maserati Vs. Porsche) Saturday night - July 25th event

    If you like Assetto Corsa, Please read this post to the end. Hi, My name is Ihab. I am going to run couple of AC events with live broadcast and commentary (Hopefully) through YouTube. First event will be as following: Track: Silverstone GP Cars: Maserati GranTurismo GT4 Vs. Porsche Cayman...
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    PC Formula Renault 3.5 - Social Practice Race - Sakitto GP - 7th June 19:30

    I’m sorry to miss the race and even couldn’t login to inform you that I won’t be able to make it. but that was the case anyway I hopefully I will see you very soon on the track.
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    PC AOR ACC Hungaroring Practice (Sunday 07/06 & Monday 08/06)

    Unfortunately due to work obligations that appeared Suddenly I have to withdraw from the practices race on Monday . hopefully I’ll be able to do the next one.
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 4 - Tier 6 - Race 1 - Nürburgring [02/06/2020 7:30pm UK]

    Guys can someone tell me what is the average qualifying lap times in tier 6? As I might have a chance to join the season 4. And if you know the other tiers if possible.
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    PC AOR ACC Nürburgring Practice (Sunday 31/05 & Monday 01/06)

    It was my first race ever here in AOR and with ACC. I am so happy all around. I started 29th finished 22th while I had the chance to finish maybe 17th but spun one lost me that position. Hopefully I can get a spot in Season 4 if possible. Thanks @HaiCo and all gentlemen involved in this event...