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    PC ACC GT3 Season 4 - Tier 3 - Main Thread

    Hey. I'm thinking about changing my car. Is that at all possible like it was in previous seasons? I didn't find anything in the current rules section. (I know I'll probably lose my points)
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    PC AOR ACC GT3 League - Sign Up Thread - Season 4

    Can you race regularly on Tuesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Forum name: Joe_Hanes Nationality: German Speedtest Result:
  3. Joe_Hanes

    PC Endurance season?

    Sounds like a great idea
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 2 - Round 7 - Zolder - 24.03.20 @8PM UK Time

    @krop @Shooter80 I just saw that I got a DNF for yesterdays race. Technically I finished the race because I came out of the pits towards the end for one more lap (before the timer was at zero). It would be nice to receive some points for the last finishing position. :whistle: Cheers!
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 2 - Round 6 - Silverstone - 17.03.20 @8PM UK Time

    Can someone please share their replay? I forgot to save mine. :rolleyes:
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    PC S3 R3 Practice/Social 23/2/20 (Sun) & 24/2/20 (Mon)

    Probably in for sunday, maybe monday as well.
  7. Joe_Hanes

    PC S3 R2 Practice/Social 16/2/2020 (Sun) & 17/2/2020 (Mon)

    I'm going to need all the practice I can get, so I'll probably be there for both races.
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    PC ACC S3 / Tier 2 R1 - Barcelona hit from behind twice

    No I get it. Glad you're not mad. I probably would have done the exact same if I was at the receiving end.
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    PC ACC S3 / Tier 2 R1 - Barcelona hit from behind twice

    Sadly this is the only camera that has a mirror in it. I can't seem to be able to enable the virtual mirror in the replay. Barcelona Incident 2 Joe POV
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    PC ACC S3 / Tier 2 R1 - Barcelona hit from behind twice

    First of all I'm very sorry for what happened between us in the race and take full responsibility for both incidents. Now I'm not looking to give excuses, just trying to explain what happened. First Incident: At the time we had already raced closely for several laps with some failed attempts...