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    F2 F1 S3 Belgium Lap 1 Incident

    Actually its possibale. Last weekend cars were flying/teleporting around track and I made huge mess trying to avoid them.
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    rF2 F1 S3 - Silverstone Lap 1 Incident

    Yeah Im apologizing. I had some issues with server trought whole practice, qualy and race start because cars where flying all over my screen. And after server restart everything was fine.
  3. jura

    Jurica Slovinac SRT issue

    Okay it seems that Im in now. Ty ;)
  4. jura

    Jurica Slovinac SRT issue

    Hmm interesting I didn't know how to cancel but when I clicked on image I got this , but if I go to the "link to a leauge" I it still says that my request was not accepted.
  5. jura

    Jurica Slovinac SRT issue

    Yeah I had it installed and running but admin still didnt evaluate my request and I sent request on friday evening.
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    AOR Formula 1 S3 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [18/05/2019]

    Yea me too, I can connect but I cannot choose car
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    Team Forming Thread

    I already found one, thanks any way. :)
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    rFactor 2 F1 - Season 3 Signup and info

    Yeah, thats correct. Founder (@Ulti) of Volante Racing said me that @jasonabsmeier had to retire due to other leagues and I will race along with @Endless. :)