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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Elite - Round 5 - Hungaroring - 10.03.20 @8PM UK Time

    Probably I'll miss this one due to hardware change
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Elite - Car and Team Registration

    Name: Kapo Guneysu Car: 911 II GT3 R Custom Livery: Yes In-Game Team: V12 Racing Entry Number: #991
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - League Info & Sign Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Tuesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Forum ID: Kapo In-Game Name If Different: Ismail Guneysu Steam Player ID: 76561198006221626 Nationality...
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    PC AOR Endurance - Circuit Paul Ricard 500km - 25/01/2019

    Driver 3: AOR Forum ID: @JKay14 Name: James Kay ID: 76561198024721413
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    PC AOR Endurance - Circuit Paul Ricard 500km - 25/01/2019

    Team name: GC-Racing Car choice: Ferrari 488 GT3 Custom livery: Yes Car #: #666 Drivers: @JKay14 , @Kapo , @Marco GC-R | TheRipper Driver 1: AOR Forum ID: @Marco GC-R | TheRipper Name: Marco Ripper | GC-R ID: 76561198097980937 Driver 2: AOR Forum ID: @Kapo Name: Ismail Guneysu ID...
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    PC Mr Git Special event - 26th Jan

    I would love to join with AOR tag :)
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    PC AOR ACC S2 Feedback Thread

    I'm here with some ideas :) 10 Race calendar with 7 Sprint races (60mins) and 3 Endurance league races with driver swaps in every 3 weeks (mixed Tiers. 6 or more hours. Preferably weekends, earlier time like 13:00 GMT) Mandatory full service pit stops with longer pit window for Sprint Races...
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    PC ACC Tier 1 - Silverstone

    I think its the wrong place Amato. You have to post it on ACC section not in AC ;)
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    PC ACC S2 Elite R7 - Incident Pogadl/Kapo

    First of all I'm sorry for the contact.. It cost a lot of time to both of us.. From my pov, you were struggling on the last lap and Prenta overtook you. You were very slow just before I decided to make a move and I thought you were letting me go and I went for it. I didnt torpedo as you say,I...
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    PC ACC Elite PC mental incidents-Barcelona

    Ok, let me tell you what happened there.I'm the Green Ferrari. I qualified 22nd place and I didnt pay attention who was behind me after the qualify. I started my engine and waited for P21 car so we formed up. In formation lap my relative hud was bugged, It showed some stupid positions for...
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    PC ACC Elite

    There was nothing I could do.
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    PC ACC Elite PC mental incidents-Barcelona

    For the second incident: I think Marley wasnt aware of the 3 wide situation
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    PC Crash t1 L1 - Monza

    Wow, you talk like I smashed your rear with no brakes and ruined your race! This is not even close what you did at Zolder. Dont compare them pls. You continued the race after this tap, you didnt even lose a position! Thats why I dont understand all of this. Seem like these are only your wishes...
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    PC Crash t1 L1 - Monza

    I hope you didnt say that words for this incident because I think I have enough safe/clean driving skills to race in the elite tier, I have zero penalty points since I join AOR(1.5 years). Actually I think thats the main reason why I'm in tier1 because I'm not that fast/aggressive and I rather...