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    PC Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix [22/07/18 8:00pm]

    @IntergalacticGentleman i cant make it today, very sorry as this is an awesome track. But i have to travel to Berlin today on short notice... I will even miss the german GP...
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    PC Round 12 - Malaysian Grand Prix [15/07/18 8:00pm]

    im sorry but i cant make it today. There is a slight chance that i will be home in time.
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    PC Round 10 - Singaporean Grand Prix [24/06/18 8:00pm]

    i will be a no-show on sunday due to vacation.
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    PC Round 8 - Belgian Grand Prix [03/06/18 8:00pm]

    **** race again...i managed to get through tunr 1-4 very well. Suddenly @KillerS55 run wider at Pouhon, lost the car and slide back onto the Track. No chance to avoid him and i crashed out. Video upload later on.
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    PC Round 7 - Hungarian Grand Prix [27/05/18 8:00pm]

    @WetschEsVetteli On my screen there was a red indication arrow next to my car (like 5 o`clock position) on the run to the corner. During the run i was faster (rich mix and lower downforce) and the indication arrow was moving backwards behind my car. Since i was clearly ahead and this was only a...
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    PC F9 - Multiple mid session disconnects

    @IntergalacticGentleman @Kippetje this stewards appeal, especially from you, is questionable... Explenation: In China and Baku my game crashed. To be more accurate i got a "no Steam Logon" Error during the China Race. During Baku my Client just chrashed and put me back to desktop. Both of...
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    PC F9 - Multiple mid session disconnects

    @IntergalacticGentleman @Kippetje i will replay later today when i am at home.
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    PC Round 6 - British Grand Prix [20/05/18 8:00pm]

    got spun by @Kippetje on lab2...race over after that... second race in a row he caused issues for me. Last week in spain he run wide at turn 1, got tangled up with waffleman and caused chaos...
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    PC Round 4 - Bahraini Grand Prix [06/05/18 8:00pm]

    like thr circuit.. hopefully my game wont crash again....
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    PC Round 3 - Azerbaijani Grand Prix [29/04/18 8:00pm]

    Bullshit Race for me... I only practiced 1h on sunday and had lower expectations then usual. Quali was ok, i got P4. Race was ****. My start was ok, but i got hit in the reaar in turn 1, spinning me out an causing frotn wing damage. But since 10 people crashed in turn 3 i was back to p6 after...
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    PC Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [22/04/18 8:00pm]

    sad race...i had a lot of pace on this track due to practicing a lot... Quali went ok. Even with a non optimal lap i got 2nd. Race was ****...i got passed by DannyTard on Turn 3...lost the car on lap 3...was catching up again and then suddenly my screen froze and i was on the desktop... This...
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    PC Round 2 - Chinese Grand Prix [22/04/18 8:00pm]

    im in on the practice session. This track is hard to balance between stability, race pace and straight line speed in my opinion. Also it seems that a 2 stop might be viable here.
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    PC China 50% | 17/04/2018 | 19:30PM UK Time

    sorry guys, cant make it..sry for canceling on short notice,,,