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    LMR Trackday 2017

    True, it's a shame. But they offered a good compensation for this bad luck. They say occasionly the SD chips on which the video data has been recorded jump out of their case due to bumps on the track. If this occurs the whole file will be corrupted. They say in gerneral this is working with...
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    LMR Trackday 2017

    Yeah - we did it again! :) Have a look - it was great! This time everyone did 20 laps and: hey, last year some of you asked if it was demanding in terms of fitness. Those 5 laps last year were driven effortlessly, we said. Well, laps at 28/29 degrees C air temperature let us flow out of the...
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    LMR Trackday 2017

    :)yeah, i am working hard... ....still just speechless, ...Think we all got quicker by at least 3 seconds compared to last year but still a long way to go :happy:. Unfortunately something went wrong with Michael's data/cam logger, so we don't know what lap times he did.
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    LMR Trackday 2017

    HAHA - yeah, clock is ticking
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    1st lap incidents

    Reducing the reversed grid would not solve anything. Either bin the reversed grid or penalize. The major one yesterday was caused in the back of the field - meaning rather quick drivers haven been involved. And even more quicker drivers who were even further behind rushed eyes opened into the...
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    AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S5 - Round 1: Donington Park

    really was hoping to see the first Lady-winner here !!! get your stuff together guys next time - was both terrible and fun to watch!!!
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    LMR Trackday 2017

    Hey guys, currently I am organizing our trackday of 2017 - again Red Bull Ring - again 1st gen Formula Renault 2.0. If anybody is seriously considering in joining us this year please let me know. No dates are fixed yet. (Several dates available between 15th of March and mid of July - we will...
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    Rule change suggestion for next season

    just an after-race discussion among friends ... that's OK guys
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    AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 10: Montreal

    White-Leister: ice cubes 1 amaretto 1 batida de coco 3 rum (at least three parts) some milk for the color
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    Next season - car poll

    Either DW12 or Indycar05 ... or SM
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    AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 7: Zolder

    100 friday nights GET A LIFE!!!! btw: