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    PC PC Split 3 -R13: Belgium - 22/1/2017

    And that's the reason why I'm stop racing here, it's not the first even second time. I tired to start enquries it's just not enjoyable at all. (Wait for it 2:30 maybe)
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R12: Germany - 15/1/2017

    The results just disapointing for me. But I don't care about it, because if I get that kind of racing then I don't want to win. That was the first time when I really felt everybody care about the another car. I can absolutly call it RACING all of my battles. I just simply enjoyed it so much...
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R7: Canada 27/12/2016

    That's okay everybody make mistakes and have to learn, and I don't wanna be a d**k, but just you should see me absolutly clear.The picture what you attached is tricky. The map what you marked in 70% of the races show bad car positions as I recognized from single and online races.
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R7: Canada 27/12/2016

    That is what you have to see. You had to cut the corner and push us off the track to get the corner. You don't have to stop in the corner as well, but if you see or know (the indicator helps you) the another car is next to you like the rule write it, you have to be carefull and leave a room for...
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R7: Canada 27/12/2016

    I can ask the same from you. Why the hack do you think just because you are the racing line you have the right to cut us off? Tell me how the hack sould the another car pass you? In the real life how many time you see the attacker car take an another line to pass ? (I help you almost every time)...
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R7: Canada 27/12/2016

    The reason why I already spun out was YOU(@ChokDK ) just to be clear the situation. Because I was already next to you in the corner, but you just turned into me and push me out of the track. You did almost the same thing with @only4win 1 lap before, so I think you sould be happy, no one of us...
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R7: Canada 27/12/2016

    Thanks, I just want you to know what I saw or felt about it :).
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R7: Canada 27/12/2016

    Yes I'm just missed the braking point , I'm not calling our case for dive bombing because you had a bad acc the begining at the straight(maybe an another incident) and in the straight l was next to you, not behind you. But yep I missed the brake point so I decided to not try to turn into the...
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    PC PC Split 3 - Undecided Winner

    I'm understand your opinion as well and the way you are think about that situation. But as I see the start what we talk about didn't happen. I apply you maybe had a better pace, but there is no man in the universe who could say you 100% will overtake me in turn 1 if we have a same time green, as...
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    PC PC Split 3 - Undecided Winner

    I think @StevieSQ described well the situation. The following thing's are my opinion. The game didn't inform me about any kind of irregularity at the start. It didn't even give me a penalty. Because of the "jump start"( because in my side it wasn't) i get like maxiumum 3 sec lead in the first...
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    PC PC Split 3 - Lap 1 Turn Chaos.

    I avoided that crash I just get a tight door next to the sauber.(I broke much earlier then usually you can defenetly see in Stevie foootage as he as well.)
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    PC PC Split 3 - Russia Lap 1 Turn 4

    Platform + League: PC Split 3 League Coordinator: @StevieSQ Date: 6-11-2016 Members Involved: @NoseyGuyy @Ekku @LnD Description: Noseyguyy (as I saw in his video later) had a front wing damage and because of that he was slower then me. I can easily overtake him in turn 4 (he left enough space...
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R3: China - 16/10/2016

    I wasn't affraid about you faster or not. But do you think just because you are faster everybody should park next to the track and let you pass? I don't care you faster or not. You was faster then me that means you have plenty of possibility to pass me for example in the same lap at the long...
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    PC AOR PC Split 3 - R3: China - 16/10/2016

    It fells a little exaggeration . I didn't smash you to the wall. I protected the inside line of the corner and then when you decided to not attack inside I went a litle bit wider, to begin the corner. I was the defender so I choose the defend line, you first wing wasn't even my middle of my car...
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    PC F1 2016 Split 3 China, L6, Turn 9

    Yep, sorry just I haven't enought time to set down. Actually I don't think I was wrong here. 1. Albin tried to attack me in an outter race line where imposibble to make a move. 2. He's first wing wasn't even visible in tv pod cam It was somewhere the middle of my car so in this case he didn't...