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    PC AOR PC Endurance League S5 - Team Registration

    Car: Ferrari 488 GTE Team Name: Livery: Scuderia Corsa #68 Drivers: @MaCRacing13
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    PC AOR PC Endurance League S5 - Signups

    Can you race regularly on Thursday nights? Yes ● Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes ● Nationality: British ● Pingtest Result: ● Class you wish to race in: GTE
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    rFactor 2 F1 - Season 3 Signup and info

    Full Name: Matthew Clipp ● Gamertag: Matthew Clipp ● Nationality: British ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Team Name and Teammate Looking for a team ● Speedtest result:
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    RF2 F1 2018 S2 - US GP - First lap incident

    When there is an orange car going for your inside in Lap 1 T1 that's enough to make Noah not turn in fully.
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    RF2 F1 2018 S2 - US GP - First lap incident

    You can clearly see in Noah's video the orange car going to the inside making Noah feel in that split second he couldn't turn into the apex, but then the cars on the outside of Noah turn into him even though they knew he was there!
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    AOR S2 - Turkey Lap 18 Incident

    I broke there every lap and i was shocked by how much i closed up to him. I wasn't expecting to touch, he maybe slowed down too much and also locked the brakes. I wasn't the only one to have the opinion he braked early. It was on stream 54:17 I also backed off on the straight following the...
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    rF2 F1 S2 - Monaco Lap 6 Collision

    League: rF2 F1 League Coordinator: @Sam Carpenter Date: 17/11/2018 Members Involved: Keiran Chadwick & myself Description: Lap 6 of the race Chadwick goes for a late move and causes a spin + damage that i carried for the remaining 44 laps of the race. I didn't see this move coming as it was very...
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    RaceRoom - 20/11/2018 - 8PM - Social Race #1

    @venquessa You dont have to buy the DTM Experience pack, you can simply buy DTM 2016 pack for around £6
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    RaceRoom - 20/11/2018 - 8PM - Social Race #1

    List was from the people who viewed or showed interest in the other thread about this event, yes certain things are free to play, but what we will be racing is paid content.