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    PC Round 21 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [02/02/2020 08:00pm]

    thank you for this season, unfortunately this race will also not go because of the relocation and my new way of life
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    PC Round 20 - Brazilian Grand Prix [26/01/2020 08:00pm]

    3rd week in work sorry ..... cant drive
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    PC Round 19 - US Grand Prix [19/01/2020 08:00pm]

    Im sorry for last week i mast stay in work todayi cant drive to bicose its my 2nd weekend in work ....... sorry
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    PC Round 15 - Singapore Grand Prix [08/12/2019 08:00pm]

    I off today mast take care my dother
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    PC AOR PC F11 League - Main Thread

    Get well soon f1 won't run away. Heal us, heh
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    PC Round 13 - Belgian Grand Prix [24/11/2019 08:00pm]

    I fix my pc today i finaly can race xD
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    PC Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix [17/11/2019 08:00pm]

    Fuc.... HDD now its Total die i cant race today
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    PC F11 - Incident

    I send tomorow
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    PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [13/10/2019 08:00pm]

    30min i start download f1 i hope a done before 20
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    PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [13/10/2019 08:00pm]

    My pc its broken i hope i can race 1h befor the race i write i can or not race
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    PC Round 8 - French Grand Prix [06/10/2019 08:00pm]

    If you wont record use twiche. There you Save online movie. Thys track and UK dont use Hard its tip from me