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    XB1 Round 16 - Russian Grand Prix [15/12/19 - 8:00PM]

    I won't be able to make it today, sorry, I'm out of town until tomorrow morning.
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    XB1 [Fr 13th Dec, 8pm] Russia 50%

    Yea, F3's last race - full wet singapore, cleanest T1 I've ever seen(or did not see since I started from the back and it was impossible to see anything) xD.
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    XB1 Suprise practice session

    Sorry, something came up ;(. Will see you in the race lobby !
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    XB1 Suprise practice session

    I'll be on in about 30 mins or so, for a second session(guessing you already started the first) if you're still on.
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    XB1 Friday Italy Practice

    @aordarren05 I still dont get why on lap 3, you were P3 fighting with someone in P2(don't remember who it was). You went into Ascari on 2 different lines, you were very slow in the middle of Ascari, and when I tried to overtake you on the outside(on the racing line), you tried to go back to the...
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    XB1 [We 27th Nov, 8pm] Italy 50%

    The lagging was a pity. I won the race, but all I overtook were ghosts :( . Had a great time practicing for sunday and thank you everyone for the 'almost clean' turn 1.
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    XB1 AOR S18 XB1 F3 League - Main Thread

    Since I've already raced in Red Bull yesterday ( I did not check the site yesterday and had no ideea I got added and was suposed to race), I guess the choice is made. Thank you.
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    XB1 [We 20th Nov, 8pm] Belgium 50%

    I've removed myself from the sign-up because I'm not sure I can still make it, could you add me to the reserves please?
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    XB1 Main AOR XB1 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Time Trial Thread - Season 18

    Masterofnone97 - There is a bug with Silverstone where the leaderboard does not update.
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    XB1 Main AOR XB1 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 18

    ● Gamertag: Masterofnone97 ● Nationality: Romanian ● Assists used: None ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in one of the top leagues you will have to race with no assists?: Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole...