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  • As much as I've been waiting for the chance to be able to join a race, I'm about 85% sure I will have to take my wife to the hospital 1st thing in the morning which is like 2hours before practice for me. So I believe it would be best for me to say that, "I can't attend the race" than take the chance of letting you guys know at the last second.
    Mazy CZ
    Mazy CZ
    Ok, noted. In this case, if you are mostly sure, I will put you that you are not racing. If something changes, let me know. And it is much better to write me a Personal message (that one I wroute you before, it is in your Inbox)
    Hello sir.. I have to ask a question? Even though the coordinators constantly reiterate this on the forums, Since I now have a seat as a main driver if I have an emergency how soon an advance do I have to let you guys know so that I'm not penalized?
    I would like to apologize for the very small bump that caused a very big accident during the last race. I did not have a good race at all. I would like to mention though, that I was spun out in the 1st race and the second race in turn one. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that being spun out was not my fault, but it does make the race less enjoyable when ur playing catch up the entire race.
    Hiya Mazy.
    I want to change my AOR tag to what i have in all games Tiggr.
    Here in AOR i am Johan Eriksson.
    But i dont know how i can do that or if a admin has to do that.
    I dont want to race under the name Johan eriksson.

    T.T.F.N Tiggr
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