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    ACC GT3 Season 5 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    Thank`s all for a beautiful season, i`m very pleased that i improve and i didn`t make many mistakes
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    ACC GT3 Season 5 - Tier 6 - Race 9 - Suzuka [17/11/2020 7:30pm UK]

    Strange things happend. Entered pit for drive trough, when the lights was green..penalty not cleared, entered second lap..DT cleared then after a few corners..lost conection to server. @Borderline i have cleared my DT ...i don`t want to go with that in the next season PS, Also thanks for the...
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    Closed T6-R8-Lap 21-No space given on the inside while alongside

    Here, as we chat on discord, i don`t consider that i did anything wrong. No weaving or blocking, i stick a line initiate to turn and on my radar you were not alongside me. I let the outside clear but you chose to go on the inside, on this very high speed corner there is no way you can turn from...
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    Closed Τ6 - R8- Lap1 + Hit from behind

    Late reaction from me, i didn`t expect amg to brake there (he has no choice as in front was incident) i didn`t see what happend ahead of him and surprised me I apologize
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    ACC GT3 Season 5 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    Ferrari, thanks! Quoting Trump...let`s make Ferrari great again!
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    ACC GT3 Season 5 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    @Borderline ,can i change the car? i know i lose all points
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    Closed Tier 6- R4- Lap 9 @Koopid took me out

    Apologies accepted @Koopid ,nothing personal but is frustrating to finish the race on lap9
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    Closed Tier 6- R4- Lap 9 @Koopid took me out

    @Borderline I edited, hope is ok
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    Closed Tier 6- R4- Lap 9 @Koopid took me out

    ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 6- Round 4 Misano League Coordinator: @Borderline Date: 06th October 2020 Members Involved: @Koopid @Menete Description: hit from the side by @Koopid directly into the wall
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    PC AOR ACC GT3 League - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 5

    Can i participate tonight, i modified the date in sign-up, from 7th september to 31 august (tonight) Since i`m available tonight Thanks in advance! @HaiCo
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    PC Summer-cup - Main Thread

    ACC In-game Claudiu/Menete/Dulipovic: steamID64 : 76561197960287930 Cup: Joker
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    PC ACC GT3 Season 4 - Tier 6 - Main Thread

    So the season is over, was a nice one. I enjoyed a lot. Many thanks to @VoodooChild who did an awesome job as coordinator. Congratulation to @flachi for the win and @Reco and @stigglewiggle for the podium. Many thanks to all for a nice season, looking forward to next one
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    Closed Round 4 - Tier 6 (end of lap 20/21) - Final corner chaos

    Previous corner i hit the wall, got severe damage , steering wheel was almost 90 degree and i couldn`t control the car in the last corner. I wanted to keep right and enter the pits but the car doesn`t respond and goes wide making me cut the whole track ,hit hard the brakes to avoid a car...
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    PC AOR ACC Brands Hatch Practice (Sunday 21/06 & Monday 22/06)

    In for tonight practice race, thanks, i`m tier 6 so: #9 | Practice Race Server #2 - Brands Hatch |