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  1. Millsehh

    XB1 Round 14 - Singapore Grand Prix [30/1/18 8:00pm]

    Sadly I won't be racing tonight because I've got a Blancpain race that runs over the race. Best of luck lads.
  2. Millsehh

    XB1 Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [10/12/17 8:00pm]

    LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! P3 BOIS 2 IN A ROW!!!!! I did not expect to get that after the T1 incident (thanks Eagle, you ****** ;)) but everything came up Mills today. I mean it's safe to say I've had a dramatic upturn in pace these past few races and it's definitely you guys that are pushing me to...
  3. Millsehh

    XB1 Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [3/12/17 8:00pm]

    At the start of the season, if I were to have chose any track that I thought I'd get my first podium at, I would have chosen this one. Cheers for an awesome race tonight, guys. Lets hope the rest of the season is just as exciting!
  4. Millsehh

    XB1 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [12/11/17 8:00pm]

    Bugger off you original Mofo :D
  5. Millsehh

    XB1 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [12/11/17 8:00pm]

    Good news! I'll be racing tonight! Here's to hoping there's rain!
  6. Millsehh

    XB1 7/10/17 Daytona GTE 100 mile Endurance

    BPRL Mills. It'll be a pleasure to trundle round at the back!
  7. Millsehh

    XB1 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [01/10/17 8:00pm]

    Disconnected after quali. No chance of getting back in. GG Ask4. GFG.
  8. Millsehh

    XB1 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [01/10/17 8:00pm]

    I hope there's rain, just to spite you haha
  9. Millsehh

    XB1 AOR XB1 F5 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    Hi, I'm Millsehh. Or just Mills. Or Josh. I don't mind. I'm 18 and from the UK and I'm on an Xbox Elite Controller giving me that half a second advantage over you all ;) I've raced in AOR before. S9 in F5 and then briefly in S11 on 2015 in GP2. I also race in the BPRL with a few others that have...
  10. Millsehh

    XB1 AOR F1 2017: XB1 Main Sign Up Thread (Season 14)

    ● Gamertag: BPRL Mills ● Nationality: British ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: Racing Line ● Did you complete Season 13? No ● Speedtest result: ● Time Trial screenshots: ● Evaluation race screenshots: [Add your...
  11. Millsehh

    AOR F1 2017 Leagues - Season 14 Announcement & Interest Thread

    Which platform do you race on? Xbox One Would you sign up to league racing on F1 2017 based on what you've seen of the game so far? Yes Which assist settings are you aiming to use for F1 2017? RL